"An artist cannot fail; it is a success to be one." - Charles Horton Cooley

ART BASEL. What is it exactly? It’s a big fuck off money laundering party where you'll see some of the most innovative art in the world but you have to search in between piles of excrement, so large, you'll think they're a set from Jurassic Park.

I love artists, and I love creation in all forms, but what I don't love is that the wealthy gallery elite have sucked all of the soul and fun out of it. I am NOT saying that there isn’t bright spots of creative genius all over, all I am saying is the price tags are HILARIOUS and most of the ideas about as fresh as Monday night’s fish.

I have tried to understand it but this is the year I am officially throwing in my white hankie. I’m done, I’m out. The rich and famous no longer interest me.

When my beloved Singa was dying, I promised her that I would not only throw her a party fit for a Pharaoh (I did) but I would take her ashes and put them in warm places she could watch the sun rise and set every day over the horizon.

So I have set off on a two-part quest. One, to spread the ashes of my best friend, and two, to learn how to be a better global citizen of the planet. I want to share ways that we can all help our fellow humans and try to find ways that I can live more harmoniously with Mother Earth.

However, two weeks into my trip, here in Ubud, I got into a really bad scooter accident... and because I was wearing the fancy helmet I bought the moment I stepped foot on this bonkers death trap island, I am alive. If I had not been wearing it, I would most likely be dead. Then my mother would have had to pay for my body to be shipped back to the U.S. and she would have found my ghost and re killed me.

I had to remember a lot of very important lessons in the five seconds after I crashed, when I was trying to figure out if I was paralyzed or not, lessons I thought were already cemented in my brain the last time I fought and lost a battle with wheels (Zoe on Rollarblades vs. the Marriott airport pick up truck that flattened me into one of those Acme two dimensional cartoon dead people with giant x’s over my eyes.)

The most hilarious part is, THERE IS NO ONE MORE CAREFUL THAN ME ON A SCOOTER. I wear the best helmet, I honk for no reason, I go about 2 kilometers per hour. None of that mattered. It’s all a big game of chance against the weavers of your fate, so just in case you get squashed by life... DON’T FORGET.

Tell your mother you love her, have a will planned in case of emergencies, get your house in order. Live the life that makes you happy, not the one that looks good in photos. Anger, jealousy, bitterness serve no one. Forgive people the moment they wrong you. Don’t regret any of your past as it got you to where you are. No matter what your problems are, you can change and live the life that you want. As long as you are breathing, YOU'RE GOOD. Eat dessert, talk to strangers, and always give people a chance to say that they are sorry... Oh yeah, and don’t forget your sunscreen. God, am I a preachy disaster today.

Also, if you’re an east coast Jew who comes from a long line of potato people whose idea of an adventure is to try a two letter word for a triple letter score that you’re not sure is in the Scrabble approved dictionary, don’t think you can drive a scooter. You will hurt yourself. It’s only a matter of time. I can’t even believe I made it two weeks without getting hit by a seven year old, smoking a cigarette, driving a three wheeled “car” full of chickens.

THIS PLACE IS CRAZY. But I love it. Signing off from UBUD, with one working eye and two knees that look like they were trying to pay rent.


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“The only way out of the labyrinth of suffering is to forgive.” ― John Green

For the most part, fancy parties, rich people, and expensive modern art are lame. There, I said it. Whew that felt good.

The thing that makes me bananas is that we live in a world of over educated humans who will spend hours discussing the evils of Trump, Republicans or greedy corporations who turn their backs on their fellow man, while doing it themselves every day. At least Trump is on brand, he has categorically stuck to his beliefs which are: fuck everyone, and grab mother nature's pussy without shame. But I have found recently a giant swath of bleeding heart liberals who claim to care about others, while participating in the same systems that subjugate humans and destroy the planet...All I want is for people to look up from their phones and into the eyes of people in the streets. They are people, they deserve our love and support.

I wasn’t going to ever let this episode ever see the light of day, I have tons of work where I feel like it’s not “funny” enough, it’s just another sad sack who made bad life choices and my listeners probably only want light and love and comedy in these dark days, but I really had such a hard time at Art Basel with the juxtaposition of money and art that’s trying to make a commentary on our society and change people's mindsets that’s really just a pig with a sephora level makeover that’s another high brow way to celebrate money being the golden calf idol that we all pray to. Fuck that. Just do small things in your life to give back the love that’s given to you. People are desperate for just one other person to give a fuck while fancy people in turquoise geometric glasses sip Perrier Jouet in long stemmed flutes waxing poetically about how this 27 thousand dollar bronze dick sculpture is helping change the landscape of female rights. Nothing changes anything besides random acts of kindness and selfless gifts of love. Get it together first world, the way you live your life bores me.

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Art is not a mirror to hold up to society, but a hammer with which to shape it. - Leon Trotsky

I MET MICHELE LAMY. I worship this woman. Bad ass artist, kick ass human, wife of Rick Owens, OG style icon, I can't even. Not only did she let me hang out with her... I gifted her my trusty megaphone and she ran around the art fair yelling at people with it. DREAMS DO COME TRUE EVERYONE.

In this episode we meet a bunch of wonderful humans all trying to help me understand, as per usual, why a 12 ft black bronze dildo costs 45K.

I for one am about to take a boat to a WEENCY TEENCY island in the middle of the carribean off of Panama with a bunch of wonderful humans to bring in the new year sans technology but full of sun fun and snorkeling and dancing to disco and all the things that make my life worth living.

CAN YOU BELIEVE ITS 2019. Speechless. Years are whizzing by and yet I remain faithfully yours, bringing you the stories you didn't even know you wanted to know from all corners of the globe


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Every artist was first an amateur - Ralph Waldo Emerson.

What is art? I ask this question every year. Some of the things I see at Art Basel tread a VERY fine line between what I think is a discarded pile of trash and what is considered to be revolutionary art work. But...who am I to judge? My girlfriend Noemi (who is a incredible artist) and I were wandering around Art Miami and she introduced me to this lovely man, who had an incredible James Bond Villain like accent and laugh, who had dug up some fossils, and was brilliantly selling his findings in the middle of this fancy art fair! GENIUS. Check out why fossils are art and why museums are dying right now!

VIDEOS of this interview are available on my youtube page right now!!

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Sex is one of the most wholesome, beautiful and natural experiences that money can buy – Steve Martin

ART BASEL 2018 bitches! This must be my 7th year at the worlds most confusing event. Every year I go, and every year I'm left with the same question, WHY DOES THIS STUFF COST SO MUCH.

Every year some guy with a german accent and cool colorful glasses explains it to me, but I still don't understand. I am also redoing my youtube to try to take the show to a more visual 360 experience alongside the interviews so you can watch alongside each podcast. YAY! I'm getting my digital shit together(finally).

Big thanks to @Curvyphysique and @elena88c for their beauty charm and elegance which made me literally feel like I knew nothing about how to be sexy, but hopefully they will be my mentors and teach me everything I need to know about how to be a success in this internet age. I can't promise you I'll ever be able to post a photo of just my butt, but maybe, just maybe I'll work in some clavicle shots.

As always I send you my love, hope and hugs through the airwaves.


VOTE THEM OUT. Vote them all out. I'm so over it. I would rather let the government be run by 2000 drunk chipmunks then most of these shiny wax figure robot politicians.

Democrats are useless, republicans are sheep, everyone thinks that talking about things on social media is what constitutes as participating in politics and no one is actually doing anything. I'm so frustrated. I put this mini episode together in a day and it's truly not my best work, no one would let me record them and the only people who would really speak to me were at a gas station off the side of main road, but whatever, just trying to do my part to get poking at people to get off their tuchus and stop accepting the bulldozing of everything that America is supposed to be about. I'm so sad. Even if we take the house, it's still such a mess. I for one learned a lot about republicans on this canvassing trip and mostly, it's that people are afraid of change, of "others" of the future, of their jobs, and for their children. Also, they REALLY don't like it when you ring their door bell 3 times. I'm running for office in 2020, get ready.

I am totally obsessed with finding a new way to communicate with people about how to effectively rise together and vote for people that are actually going to do what they are supposed to do which is protect their constituents and the country and the environment and the systems set up to do this are archaic crumbling and not effective. Everything needs to be overhauled. I'm gonna figure this out.

Bitches Love Cannon Shots

My friend Zander called me on a Monday and said, hey do you want to drive to Pittsburgh and check out a 15,000 person reenactment of the byzantine empire tomorrow morning...and of course I said...YES! I had literally no idea what I was getting myself into. I have done many weird things in my life, all the cons, festivals, but nothing prepared me for this.

This place, is magic. It's a breeding ground for SUPER nerds, who are all experts on some totally niche forgotten aspect of centuries past. Started by the SCA, or the Society for Creative Anacronism, this history buff wonderland is beyond description.

Crafts, foods, drinks, dance and battle all done as realistically as possible and quite frankly they do judge you if you aren't authentic. I had the very very best time. Also, they don't do drugs, and barely drink, they get their rocks off battling one another on giant battle fields to protect their specific fiefdoms! Its insanity. So here is a small amount of what I found, in two parts. In no way does it do justice to the vast richness of knowledge, classes and learning that is offered there.


I Like White People, But I Hate Cracker Ass Crackers...

HELLO! How are we everyone? I'm BACCCCCK, bigger, better, longer and after this.....uncut. (This joke will make more sense after you listen.) So one year after Richard Spencer and the genius think tank behind the White Power movement threw a super fun march that was a complete shitshow that ended in the tragic and untimely death of Heather Heyer, a beautiful young woman who was there protesting...these super brains thought, I know what we'll do... Let's throw an anniversary march of this dark terrible day, and that way we can show how "united" the White Power movement really is.....But this time, let's do it in...Drumroll please....Washington D.C.!

D.C....The Chocolate City, my hometown. A city full of beautiful people from all colors of the rainbow who do NOT take kindly to hate groups, a city so full of cops, military and special services that any move we make will be safeguarded by thousands of hard working police officers, all on the tax payer's dime!

So.....Of course, completely hung-over, I decided to hop on a train last minute and start a good ol' fashion Nazi hunt....Thing was, this march, which was supposed to unify the right and show their presence and might, only produced 20 paltry, scrawny, pasty, "Nazi's".

Despite this, approximately 1 billion of our tax dollars went into full force barricading and protecting these wonderful men, and helping them exercise their constitutional rights. Although I tried my darnedest to find one of these brave men and give them an opportunity to debate me on why they feel like white people have a right to this so called "American Dream.." I couldn't do it. I searched high and low, but not only did these nazi's not give their scheduled speeches in front of the White House but the itty bitty teeny tiny amount of them that came coward behind a tsunami of riot police so I couldn't even get close to them no matter how hard I tried...

So...What do I think after spending the day at this rally...? I think that D.C. is even cooler than I remember...That the counter movement of love and acceptance is growing stronger by the day, and that if we keep it up, there is a real chance that in the next election cycle, some real change is going to come. (Rest in Peace you glorious, wondrous super power that is, and was, Ms. Franklin.)

Are we still fucked? YEP! Is there still a seething, black-hooded and hoofed group of angry white people ("MEN") trying to protect their version of the American Dream? YOU BET YA.

So what can we do...? Get off your tuchus and VOTE. Raise money, AND give your money/time/heart/soul, and together, we shall overcome.....Or not, and our kids will be slaves to the gun toting hillbilly war lords that will beat us liberal-pansy-whining-NPR listening-losers in the upcoming Civil War: Numero Dos.

OFF TO THE BURN...See you when the dust settles.
I'll be at 9:15 and H, if you're around meet me and my mother at District, Tuesday afternoon.

Look for Singa Nightingale's mausoleum, at the temple...I will have paper and pens to leave her a love note, so you can send her a kiss to the sky before her ashes and my pain is burned up in the temple along with a million other moments of loss and love.

I miss you my everything.

When You Tell The Truth, You Don't Have to Remember Anything - Mark Twain

Basse - the bwiti word for truth, is what Iboga is all about. It is this search for truth - that creates such drastic results for it's partakers.

The tricky thing is, in order to find this truth, Iboga insists that one must start in the the hardest place of all, inside your own mind and soul. Iboga is like a hunter, that helps you seek and destroy all the lies growing and twisting around garden inside of your brain. When it finds them, it hands you a nuclear powered weed wacker and forces you to plow your entire consciousness with it. It's not pleasant, and it's not pretty, but it's fucking honest.

We are have a past, we all have a movie of our life that is playing silently in the background either filling you with shame or pride...I had a confusing Molotov cocktail of both.

Basse - it is now the solitary goal of my life to live, without lying to myself or anyone else, for the rest of my life.

Thank you Iboga, for that gift.

Singa wherever you are, I miss you. 

Life lived in the absence of the psychedelic experience, is life trivialized, life denied, life enslaved to the ego.” Terrence M

Now...Iboga is not for everyone. Iboga is a hardcore psychedelic that can send you on a universe transversing adventure inside of your mind...or make you confront lifelong trauma you've protected yourself from...either way, my first time, I called lovingly, the infinite loop of pain...A loop where I got to revisit millions of little moments that made up the fabric of my personality, sexuality, self esteem, and sense of self... some good some bad, some down right ugly.

I also had some pretty serious conversations with a giant antelope and hung out with a very large African man wearing a crown...but that's pretty normal...no?

We will get to my musings about my experience but for now, here is Marika, a fabulous gorgeous curly haired French vixen who spoke 5 languages and wore a striped black and white flowing dress the first night of our ceremonies that made my eyes do fucking backflips all night, but I digress. Next up we have Chelsea, one of the providers there who had dealt with hardcore issues of anxiety which lead to drug addiction which lead to prostitution, who found Iboga, and it saved her life. Then finally, the lovely Gary, the man who started this center and the reason we were all there in the first place.


I want to dedicate this work, and pretty much the all of my work to the one and only Singa, my best friend, who left this world 7 days ago. If you have a moment, say a prayer for her little dandelion spore soul, and wish it luck on it's next journey around the solar system
I love you Singa.
Every single day I fall more in love with you. Man it hurts. 

“Love is the most transformative medicine For Love slowly transforms you Into what psychedelics only get you to glimpse.” ― Ram Dass

In part two I continue to prepare for my first ceremony of Iboga root bark. I get my heart checked at the Hospital, (EKG) I check in with some of my fellow participants at the Iboga Wellness Center, and we go through orientation, and try to calm the tidal wave of nerves that have been building since I decided to try it. Cool and calm and I am not, and you can certainly hear my anxiety throughout this episode.

People take Iboga for many reasons, but for me it was so I could try to let go of some excruciating pain from my past that was rotting me from the inside out. So I used Iboga to try to break free of my past in order to move on to a happier future. Other people were there to move on from childhood trauma, drug addiction, lack of a spiritual core and were longing for a reconnection with their souls...

Wherever you are in this world I send you love and white light and hope you're having a beautiful sunny day full of cold puppy noses and warm long hugs.

Don't forget it's almost firefly time!!

Edited by Emily Brodtman www.emilybrodtman.com

They say that old ways won't open new doors...so I decided to do something new and open the scariest and most elusive door of all, the one that leads directly inside of my mind. I had heard about Iboga for years, first when my girlfriend used it successfully to rid herself of alcoholism. Iboga is traditionally used in West African countries including Cameroon, Gabon, and the Republic of the Congo to induce deep hallucinogenic trances where profound healings take place. Iboga is now being used in specialized clinics in Canada, Mexico, the Netherlands, South Africa, and New Zealand with astonishing results. For reasons I don't understand, Iboga like all plant medicine is a schedule 1 narcotic and will send you to actual pound you in the butt prison if you're caught with it.

My purpose in doing this podcast is to show that this is not a drug, it's a tool and a guide to help you overcome trauma and live in the present free from the shackles of addiction and pain. It is one of the only truly effective tools that can be used in the fight against opiate addiction and has been prying the monkey off people's backs with incredible success. I also want to be clear this isn't just an addiction tool, it's a tool for anyone who is looking to free themselves from self imposed shackles that life teaches you to fasten around your ankles. I don't have any one particular addiction I needed to break, but I had been struggling with deep pain from my past and couldn't seem to find relief anywhere.

So, I decided that it was time for me to really understand some of the patterns and grooves living in NYC has chiseled into my grey matter. I decided that I wanted to go as far as I could to understand my past in order to better serve my future.

I want to be clear that I do not like hallucinogens, and hate being knocked on my ass, out of control. Mind you I'll eat some mushrooms and dance for hours in the sun but I really truly hate the feeling of hardcore psychedelics, so when it came to this I have never been more terrified. I detoxed for a month leading up to it, but every night after I decided to do it I had nightmares and an unreal amount of anxiety leading me up to this first episode, that I recorded the day before my first ceremony.

What took place over the next two weeks was a series of lessons, taught to me, by me, and by this mighty tree bark that allowed me to go deeper into my psyche than I ever thought possible.

I want to thank the amazing Iboga Wellness Center, it's providers and it's founder Gary, for leading me through this journey and allowing me the space to sit with my fear and master it.

Sending you all the love in the world guys,

Thank you to Storm Pederson,, Ben Levingstone, my Aunt Mary, Anthony Adams and my lioness mother for helping me prepare for my first night..

If you want to learn more go to Iboga Wellness Center's Website: ibogawellness.com/

It's Time To Pry Congress Out of the NRA's Cold Dead Hands

The numbers are horrific, the statistics are devastating, the senseless violence and death is incomprehensible, but there is hope. Because teenagers have had enough, and they're finally using the tools they've been given since birth to organize and scream for change. This is everyone's issue. We all have to take the small steps to help secure a safe future for everyone on this planet. Gun drills in schools, no background checks for automatic rifles, massacres happening all around us, it's up to you to keep organizing, keep shouting, keep signing petitions, keep supporting members of congress who protect us. VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE. Get up off your tuchus and do whatever you can to drain the mother fing swamp. I am from Washingon, and I know full well how rigged the system is. But we can change it, and for the first time in my life I saw the determination in peoples eyes, and how far people are ready to go to make sure that their children and the future is safe. It's just awe inspiring.

Here are links I've found if you want to learn more or donate to gun violence victims:

www.csgv.org/ (collation to stop gun violence)

The second interview of the day a precious 9 year old who is afraid he won't be able to live out his dreams and will be killed due to gun violence 

The second interview of the day a precious 9 year old who is afraid he won't be able to live out his dreams and will be killed due to gun violence 

A survivor of Parkland 

A survivor of Parkland 

The 3rd interview with the man who designed this large infomrative art installation about which of our elected representatives have taken NRA money   

The 3rd interview with the man who designed this large infomrative art installation about which of our elected representatives have taken NRA money


The first family opening up the show talks about their fears...

The first family opening up the show talks about their fears...

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 2.25.18 PM.png

Meet Morgan Moves around the creator of "bad art." I met him playing a chess game against Mopar, the wonderful wizard of East Jesus. Morgan is so lovey, bright, thoughtful and a has a degenerative eye problem that doesn't allow him to really see faces so he's dedicated his life to making real time drawings of them. He made one for me, and it was certainly charming. He has many tricks up his sleeves and a wonderful outlook on love and monogamy.

Find him @morganmovesaround
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Pink Moon: Nick Drake
Slab City Song: Randall from Slab City
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You'll Have To Pry It From My Cold Dead Fingers...

Gun Control is a sticky, tricky, very bad no good topic and I feel like we're up to our necks in quicksand and the NRA and special interest groups are shoveling my sand in our face as we try to dig ourselves free.

I grew up with a bunch of Jews reading books, who could barely hook up a VCR to the TV if their life depended on it, let alone kill a deer, so far be it from me to understand the kind of mentality one would have to need to protect the right to personally own something that can kill.

I don't like guns because I am the kind of nit wit who would accidentally remove herself from the gene pool by shooting herself, and end up looking like Goldie Hawn in Death Becomes Her. Listen, I get it, they're sexy, and they make your clit tingle just a lil bit, but that doesn't mean I think that anyone should have them. I'm not going to even toss my hat in the ring and voice my opinion more than say they scare me and I think that any kind of automatic ANYTHING should be off the market and carry heavy penalities in a Federal Pound You in the Ass prison if you get caught dealing or buying one.

Anyhoo I met Desert John, a semi permanent resident of Slab City the first day I arrived at the Midnight Riders Bike Gang Orgy of Explosions and Fire festival (this is not the name but a very accurate description).

Desert John is a wonderful, warm, endearing god fearing Jesus loving man who just so happens to have 45 guns with him at all times. He also drives a mad max Dune Buggy and looks like he's an extra from Tombstone. He rocks. The second day of the festival he took me and a bunch of adorable young Israeli's who had accidentally stumbled upon this gathering (they were just trying to go camping) to the "gun range" which was literally just a wide stretch of sand with 1000 spray paint cans set up to blow up with giant black powder powered civil war muskets.

Crazily, when we got there was a whole crew of dudes who were also there to practice their ENORMOUS GIANT TERRIBLY SCARY storm trooper lookin 308 custom built assault rifles and a KRISS Vector 9 mm semi automatic recoil suppression rifles and naturally I sauntered up to them with my microphone and

As per usual, I got to talking to them about why they loved these weapons so very much, and if in fact it was to correct for having a small impotent penis...I'm smart. Always good to insult the guys with the very largest gun who has literally matched his whole outfit and accessories to the colors of his gun that could take down a TREX.

Listen, I'm all about protecting fundamental rights, but fuck this one. But lets be honest, I have motivation for learning how to shoot guns because I am painfully aware that when the next civil war comes, all the liberal loser pansies like me are going to become the sex slaves of the new red neck overlords, THAT IS unless we get our own guns and know how to use them. So I'm starting to train now. Duh, logic. You're welcome intellectuals. When shit hits the fan come find me, I will be Lara Croft levels of ready.

I want to say a HUGE thank you to Desert John who we will hear more from in a later episode. Also a huge thank you to Brendon Burke my dear friend for always taking me on great adventures.

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Travel is Fatal to Bigotry and Narrow-mindedness...

Welcome to the Slab City Library and The Goonies Farm! All run with love and donation and sheer ingenuity by people who are fed up of trying to fit into society's whims. It's incredible to see how people can organize and create when left to their own devices. I'll let them speak for themselves but I must tell you the people who created these safe spaces are very special and the main thing I took away from it was the desire to want to learn how to grow my own food, it's insane how removed we all from the processes involved to grow things we put inside of our bodies.

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Sending you love FROM Costa Rica BITCHES

New episodes from The Iboga Wellness Center start next month and until then I have MORE Slab City for you, Hurray!!!




Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 2.53.50 PM.png
Slab City Library 

Slab City Library 

Insecurity is the Illusion that it's only happening to you

I met this wonderful wizard wandering around the art collection of East Jesus in Slab City. This place in bananas. There's huge climbing sculptures that have boxes of free weed at the top, kinetic moving art everywhere built out of old disposed metal and plastic of every day human use. It's fucking awesome. Mopar was hanging out playing chess and drinking red wine in a goblet smoking weed out of an actual Sherlock Holmes pipe. HE IS SO COOL. The brightest blue eyes, and one of the most expressive faces I have ever had the pleasure of talking too. 
I love Slab City, it's full of men like him who have a heart of gold and stories until the cows come home. The main message I got here was

1. Everything is an illusion
2. We are all connected beings
3. Why would you slave your life away working to own things that provide you no pleasure?

Either way go pay Mopar a visit, and tell him Zoe sent you and get one of his hugs, he hugs you inside and out.

Song: Bittersweet Symphony the Verve
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His yin yang tattoo to always remind him that life has balance 

His yin yang tattoo to always remind him that life has balance 

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 2.55.37 PM.png
Entry to Slap City made of bicycles and found objects..

Entry to Slap City made of bicycles and found objects..

East Jesus is an Art Community 

East Jesus is an Art Community 

"Poverty is like punishment for a crime you didn't commit." - Eli Khamarov

So...how did I end up in Slab City...? Well..it's a long story. But the short version is a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to go to an anarchy festival next door to a meth head campground where people would be exploding home made bombs and setting cars on fire and I said....maybe? But my curiosity about Slab City had started years ago because let me just give you a brief description of what it is. Slab City is a plot of land that is still technically up for grabs out in the middle of nowhere 3 hours past Indio (Coachella) in California. Travelers, veterans, retirees, anarchists, transgenders, renegades from the law, meth heads, artists, counter culture champions, musicians, families, anyone and everyone can be found here in this tiny little oasis in the desert. There is no plumbing, electricity, mail, police, or taxes. It's a perfect little ecosystem of what can happen when humans are left to organize themselves from scratch and find ways to live in Harmony with nature while having their basic food, shelter and water needs met.

Slab City has a Library, a farm, a Internet cafe, a hotel, a hot springs, a art collective, a stage with live music, people selling crafts and jewelry spread around and a fully functioning meth lab. Some plots are beautiful, with a well organized set up, some are actual garbage dumps, with questionable humans living in ways you wouldn't want to imagine. It is full of some of the most colorful humans you could imagine, and for someone like me, it's kind of a paradise. No one here has anything to lose, and nothing to hide. They have faced the elements and themselves by living out here alone in the desert and they seriously don't give a fuck. It's WONDERFUL. Before you get the Slab City is the amazing "Salvation Mountain" Leonard Knights 28 year sacrifice to God. It's insane. Primary colors pop in all directions turning a once mud light colored desert floor into a giant work of technicolor art. It's truly something everyone should see once in their lifetime. I spent four days living in an RV and trying to get people to talk to me. It wasn't easy. People rightfully so are a bit cautious when a loudmouth jewess rolls up demanding friendship and community. But I eventually won a couple over and then the doors to Narnia were opened and I fell head first into this very specific slice of the planet with it's own militia, rules and regulations. Get ready. I've got a months worth of episodes coming your way. Check in every Friday!

Songs: Slab City Song - Mike
Eddie Vedder - Into the Wild - Gauranteed
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This is the entry to Slab City and also where I met the four tweens selling Lemonade to visitors to Salvation Mountain 

This is the entry to Slab City and also where I met the four tweens selling Lemonade to visitors to Salvation Mountain 

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 2.55.06 PM.png
Singa and I at Salvation Army 

Singa and I at Salvation Army 

Leonard Knight the creator of Salvation Army stands in front of his masterpiece 

Leonard Knight the creator of Salvation Army stands in front of his masterpiece 

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 3.29.40 PM.png

So concludes my time at Mid West Fur Confurence 2017. 
I want to say a huge thank you to KP and Corey who are featured in this podcast, they are the main organizers (volunteer) and have been in the business of fandom for over 20 years. The main thing I learned from here is that when you have community, you are happy. When you have childish laughter in your heart, you are happy. When you don't take yourself too seriously, life is better.

I send you so much love through the invisible airwaves this valentines day, wherever you are remember that all you need to do is love yourself and everyone else will follow suit. People come and they go, but if you really know that who you are is full of love and is constantly striving to learn more and to be a better version of yourself then fuck cupid.

Your eternal valentine

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