Back to basics, back to where I belong. In a broke down NJ poorly lit convention center surrounded by Porn Stars and the people who love them. I don't know why I love places like this so much. It's full of such wonderfully weird people, and no one gives a FUCK. There is a freedom, and a overt grime that allows everyone there to relax. The moment you step inside those doors everyone is on the same playing field. Everyone's like yeah, I'm a pervert, I admit it, and so are you so let's have a great time. 

The thing that always gets me is the insane amount of money that is being tossed around this industry. People are making serious money, and in super creative ways. Ok, so maybe someone is going to be able to see the inside of your small intestine...but every job has it's ups and downs. 
I met a ton of fascinating people, and I'm going to be doing longer interviews with a Instagram influencers (1.2 million followers!!) named "lethal lips" who is famous for being one of the only people in the world that can deep throat a 18 inch dildo. Girls gonna give us some tips. 
We're also going to get in deep with Jordan, the unbelievably beautiful Dominican con man who was covered head to toe in tats that said things like "FUCK THE FEDS" and "I see you looking KEEP HATIN" he was fucking fascinating...I'm going to put a list of all the social media handles of all the people we spoke to that day so you can see for yourself just how fabulous they are. Stay warm kids and don't forget WINTER HAS COME. Get busy get snuggley, keep skinny, don't become a drunk sugar addict like I do every year.

Music: I want your sex part 1 - George Michael
Doin' it - LL Cool J (best SONG EVER)