Insecurity is the Illusion that it's only happening to you

I met this wonderful wizard wandering around the art collection of East Jesus in Slab City. This place in bananas. There's huge climbing sculptures that have boxes of free weed at the top, kinetic moving art everywhere built out of old disposed metal and plastic of every day human use. It's fucking awesome. Mopar was hanging out playing chess and drinking red wine in a goblet smoking weed out of an actual Sherlock Holmes pipe. HE IS SO COOL. The brightest blue eyes, and one of the most expressive faces I have ever had the pleasure of talking too. 
I love Slab City, it's full of men like him who have a heart of gold and stories until the cows come home. The main message I got here was

1. Everything is an illusion
2. We are all connected beings
3. Why would you slave your life away working to own things that provide you no pleasure?

Either way go pay Mopar a visit, and tell him Zoe sent you and get one of his hugs, he hugs you inside and out.

Song: Bittersweet Symphony the Verve
Edited by Emily Brodtman

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