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Zoe is the interviewer you have always wanted but didn’t know existed until now.

There is a world of people wandering the planet with fascinating stories and views. Like most people, you probably avoid most people and never hear the most interesting stories. Zoe, on the other hand, fearlessly walks in and connects with strangers to deliver heartfelt and humorous interviews.

She interviews with empathy and humor. She asks the questions you want to ask but are too scared to ask. She gets people to open up and make jokes, speak honestly, and transcend political correctness. We get to hear the core of a humans soul through Zoe’s interviews.

You’re Welcome is her child. Its purpose is to bring laughter and remind us that we are all the same. The outcome is a reminder that we are all just human.

She is based in NYC and available for collaborations worldwide.

I was under the impression that inordinate joviality can atone for an entire lack of class
— Oscar Wilde


Zoe Nightingale

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