By: Zoe Superstar Nightingale with Actual Health information provided by Dr. Zandra (No Pants) Palma.

 Hello virgins no more! You are now pink shiny brand new Rosebuds! You did it!!

 It is I, your trusty burning man dictator here to guide you back to the “default” world, (writer’s note, the real world is the default world, and it’s up to ALL of us to change it the other way ‘round) with as few complications as possible. I have enlisted my rockstar bestie who doesn’t just have the best tits on playa, she’s a real life Harvard/Columbia educated functional medicine doctor. I know. Get in line, she’s taken.

 Anyway, she's going to give you some easy peasy medical advice to deal with the breakdown of your body and I’m going to deal with the breakdown of your psyche....Deal? WONDERFUL!

 Let's do a quick inventory of how your body is doing, shall we?

● Do you now look exactly like Sebastian from the Little Mermaid, due to your 3rd degree skin burns in fun places like ... your armpits and nipples? It will heal!

● Did you wear the wrong pair of leggings/bicycle nude, and now have red hot chaffing on both of your inner thighs and (inner) ass from biking 3 billion miles a day and now have pain ricocheting between your thighs/deepest parts of your tuchus hole that even Spanish Inquisition torturers couldn’t have dreamed up? OH GOOD!

● Does the inside of your nose look like the beaches of Normandy in the summer of 1944...and are you STILL blowing fossil-shaped things out of it? LUCKY YOU!

● Has your tongue swollen to the size of a nudibrink and were you using the insides of your cheeks as a substitute for food? EXCELLENT WORK OBI WAN!

● Is your hair in one giant dread? It’ll all come out in the wash!

● Are your feet covered in weird blisters near the top of your big toe and the arch of your foot? HUZZAH!

● Did you check your bank account and now have 47 cents in combined checking and savings? 


● Did you sprain your ankle diving out of the way of a flaming Trojan horse packed with Lucy Lawless look alikes playing “We Are the Champions,” on penis shape flutes.....? 


● Did you lose everything only to find it all again exactly when you needed it? 


● Did you fall in and out of love 37 times with the coolest and most beautiful person you’ve ever met up until that very moment... 



 Burning man is the ultimate test of your body, mind and spirit and if you walk away from it limping like you were gang banged by a pack of sadistic, yet inventive ‘tweens using only a lacrosse stick and your own tears as lube....YOU WON BURNING MAN.

 And you’ll do it again, and again and again until you die. BECAUSE GOSH GOLLY GEE DIDN’T YOU HAVE JUST THE BEST TIME?

 Yeah DUH.... you DID. They say you get out of the burn what you need, not what you want. So suck it up. You asked for it, you got it, now receive it in all its glory...hole.

 Settle in kids, we have some work to do to humpty dumpty you back together again in time for Tueday’s 9 am meeting. OUCH.


 Do not make any decisions, or answer any big problems that arose while you were away. YOU are cracked out and dehydrated. YOU are terrible at making decisions at the moment, and you need to put on an invisible dunce cap, sit in a corner and put yourself in time out.

 Get a massage. Sit by a pool. Read. Write. Relax, binge watch something nostalgic and wholesome, like the Simpsons. This is the only thing for you to do, oh yeah, and eat, eat, eat and drink TONS of water. DO NOT play last man standing with whatever rag tag team of burn out idiots with all the drugs you have left. This is tough, I know, but literally give them away. YOU need to stop partying, and if you cannot, YOU need to go to REHAB.

THIS IS IMPORTANT!!! Try not to drown your frazzled synapses in a Reno casino buffet. Try to put things in your body that will nourish you. NO....eating 14 bags of Cool Ranch Doritos, and a whole pizza pie at the Gerlach food stop is NOT A GOOD IDEA. Your body is a vessel. You’ve spent a lot of money and time investing in an experience to enable you to start fresh. START TODAY YOU FOOD ADDICTED ALCOHOLIC CELLPHONE OBSESSED FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS I DON'T DRINK DAIRY BUT I’LL SNORT ANY MISC WHITE POWDER EVEN IF IT’S OFF A TOILET SEAT IF I'M IN THE MOOD LAZY LIMA BEAN!

 Yes. That’s you. It’s me. It’s all of us.This is the perfect time to regroup, relaunch and come back bigger, badder, and more EXPANSIVE/INCLUSIVE than ever before.

 YOU need to process what the fuck just happened. You’ve had a full week to reconnect with YOU! Do not go filling up your tabula rasa with all the muck and gluck of the internet. Does your poor, over-saturated brain need to see courageous goats overcoming adversity on the internet? NOPE. There’s 14 million other tuchus holes to do that for you.

 Living in the “default,” or non-burning man world is very simple. You just need to find a balance between the extremes of the burn and the extremes of trying to navigate the game of actual life.

 You do not need to QUIT EVERYTHING YOU HAD BEFORE: job, relationship, friends - You have an amazing life, and everything is going to re-calibrate just fine. DO NOT burn everything you spent your whole LIFE building to the mother fucking ground.

 Ok health stuff: Dr. Palma is taking over the mic for a hot sec and then I’m going to finish you off discount bin rub and tug style with some nifty thoughts about how to be the best brand new burner you can be.

Dr. Palma: 

Throw out your 5-HTP you fuckin ravers. Here’s the actual good shit. (Writers note, Zoe was one of those ravers that thought that it would save her brain, hashtag embarrassing). 

Okay so yes, Zoe, 5htp is a building block of serotonin. The hippies got that much right. Your problem, however, isn’t a lack of building blocks, it’s a fixed number of builders. Even if you give the builders more blocks, the poor little bastards are already working as hard as they can. More bricks won’t make them finish the house faster. See?

Point is, you’ve been practicing radical self-neglect for the last week. Let’s saddle up and hop back on that magic health pony, cowpoke. 


There are only a few ways for our bodies gets rid of things: Urine, poop, sweat and breath (although there are a few toxic compounds that can only come out in tears and breast milk -- google VOCs for a good time). 

Usually our body has to modify a compound in some way to move it into these compartments (this is generally the liver’s job). So we’ll talk about how speed the modification step and increase the elimination.

  1. Your liver will naturally detox if you stop giving it extra work to do, but if you want to speed up the process there are some herbs that can help. I like blends of several botanicals, like Liver Detox by Protocol for Life Balance. Gaia also makes a good blend that is readily available at Whole Foods. A great strategy to amp detoxification is to replace all the glutathione that your liver ran through while you were running through a field of dicks (naked, backward). Glutathione is the main detoxifying molecule of the body and we use it up when we’re boozing like we just had to pay rent on our knees. Take it in Liposomal form on an empty stomach, 500 mg once or twice per day. You can take the precursor of glutathione as well, it’s called NAC and is great for a host of reasons. Take 600 mg three times per day. 

  2. Push fluids. Drink water until your urine runs clear. Your kidneys are hurting from a combination of dehydration and heroic amounts of MDMA and ketamine. If you want to take a specific supplement for your kidney health Rentone from Ayush Herbs is a great blend.

  3. Bone broth. Drink it. Homemade, bottled or powdered (I love Lono Life brand - beef), just get it inside you. It’s an amazing hangover remedy -- it coats the gut border, reversing “leaky gut,” a common problem that allows big molecules hanging out in the empty space of the gut to cross into your tissue and blood. It’s high in an amino acid called glycine that we don’t get enough of from our modern diet (unless you’re eating ox-tail and chewing on animal bones). You need this shit to make all the neurotransmitters, hormones and proteins you left on the desert floor. 

  4. Now is a good time to start a probiotic (honestly, you should have been taking one the whole time). I love Seed but you might not have time to get it, so any high quality broad spectrum probiotic should help. Drugs are bad for your microbiome. If you don’t know what the microbiome is… you should read a book. 

  5. Any drug that makes you poop can cause rebound constipation when you stop doing it, so you might be constipated for a few days once you get clean. Problem is, if you don’t poop then all of the chemicals your liver transformed have the opportunity to recirculate back into you. Was all his hard work for nought?!  Lots of water and Magnesium in powder form (Calm brand) will help. Probiotics are also your friend, here. 

  6. Sweating superior to urine for eliminating many compounds (mostly the ones that got into you from drinking and eating out of hot plastics for the last week). Hot baths and saunas (especially infrared), as unappealing as they sound right now, will help you get rid of some industrial chemical nasties that can disrupt hormonal function. 


  1. Feeling down? Crying but you don’t know why? Take some Mucuna Pruriens, you mopey little bitch! This seed boosts dopamine but also has several other benefits: It’s an antioxidant, antimicrobial, it lowers blood sugar, it protects the brain and it can protect against snake venom poisoning. WHAT??? Take 3 - 5 grams of loose powder or get it in a blend with other dopamine enhancing botanicals (I love Dopatone Active from Apex Energetics but you have to get it from a practitioner).

  2. Drink bone broth. Even more. I like adding pesto to mine (make sure it’s made with actual EVOO). 

  3. If you’re feeling glitchy Magnesium in Glycinate form can help with that. Take 500 mg bedtime which will help you rebuild neurologically and actually REST. 

  4. For jittery nerves take L-theanine (200 mg 1 - 3x per day) and Phosphatidylserine (200 - 300 mg at bedtime, or more).

  5. Now is a great time to start meditating. Drugs functioned as a fast-track to access the benefits of meditation last week. Now you have the opportunity to bridge that mind expansion into ongoing mind-ninja status. Also it will help your focus come back faster. If you feel like you don’t know how, check out Ziva Meditation’s online course. 


Girl, is your dad an astronaut? … Cuz he made all your dinners out of powder last week. 

I can imagine what’s it’s like to see food again after a week-long diet of booze and Columbian tapas boards, but you have to contain your excitement. An accidental 15 lbs weight loss is no excuse to eat strip-club sushi. Your cells are depleted, shrunken, and thirsty. DO NOT FILL THEM BACK UP WITH THE NASTY PRODUCTS OF INDUSTRIAL FARMING. The food in Reno will probably be classified as a human rights violation someday, so slow your roll on processed, herbicide and pesticide coated junk. 

You’re likely in a state of muscle catabolism by this point, so eat some protein. Eating starchy carbs,at night will increase neurotransmitter production and help you make thyroid and sex hormones, (think tubers, not pizza, Gluten Glutton).

Eat cilantro, broccoli sprouts, parsley, dark leafy greens like cruciferous veggies and dandelion greens and bitter herbs -- as much as you can get your hands on. These will help your liver with that transformation step we talked about before.

And once you do the transformation step…. You have to do the elimination step (boy do you learn fast!) So eat foods that will help you poop, not foods that will do the opposite (conventional dairy, wheat and processed food). 


Sleep as much as you can (use the supplements above to help) but get on your home cities sleep schedule ASAP. Even if it means waking up a little earlier than you want to in your current time-zone, just do it. 

If you need to take something to get to bed extra early try SUPER low dose melatonin (0.25 - 0.75 mg) taken under then tongue (for liquid formulations this is 5 - 15 drops. You need to reset your circadian rhythm before it’s high stakes.


** I don’t have any conflicts of interest with the supplement companies I recommended above. (But yo, if you work for one of them hit me up and send me some free shit.)

And Zoe’s back! Did you miss me? Good? LET'S GET TO SOME NICHE PROBLEMS SHALL WE...?

Once you have service and you’ve left the warm cocoon that is the playa, keep your stupid fucking phone in airplane mode.  Please for the love of god journal, yes i said journal, and no it’s not just for guys in all white with a solitary turquoise nose ring and giggley girls named Margaret asking God why it looks like a murder scene in their underpants....ITS FOR YOU TOO.


 If you have a “job” and you feel like you’ll die if you don’t answer your inbox:

 Ok ok, you have a job. Yeah, big deal, so does everyone. Your job can wait until you get to Reno, or wherever is your stopping point, so you can shower, eat a nice meal, dig the remaining bits of dust and glitter and and cum out of your finger nails, (side note, the dust will have done monstrous things to your cuticles and nail beds. THAT IS OK. They will heal. Do not use your hands as a barometer on how your life is going. Get a manicure, everything is going to be FINE).

 Everyone is going to want to know what happened. Your boss, your mom, your ex’s, and most importantly, the love partner you left at home. So take a deep breath because these people are GOING TO BE SO ANNOYING TO YOU.

 They don’t get it and explaining what happened at burning man is like trying to resurrect a spaghetti dick after 2 grams of coke and half a bottle of jack. Meaning even Dr. No Pants couldn’t do it. Believe me, she’s tried.



2. It was a hard burn, but boy did I have fun



5. It was just the best, I can’t wait until you go and we get to share it.

6. Man going to burning man with your mother is weird but it’s SO REWARDING.

 If they press you, just literally say:

 “I'm still processing it all, but I learned so much and I really got to disconnect and be with people, I’d like to wait and tell you more about it another time.

 It really doesn’t matter what it is, just add a pinch of nouns, a cup of gratitude, throw in a cup of chicken soup for the spiritual soul mantras, and a dollop of yoga influencers hashtags, and soon you’ll be in the clear to then SWITCH TOPICS TO ANYTHING TO DO WITH THEM.

 Thank God their natural penchant for telling you basic bitch stories about their weekend will kick in and they’ll start talking about some lovely boat expedition they did with their friends from high school, (Oh my god you have to meet Jack, he’s amazing...)  at their lake house, and they did a 80’s themed murder mystery complete with themed cocktails and boy wasn’t it was a hoot!

 Meanwhile you’ll be vacantly staring at them while the thumps and thuds of bad drum and bass dance around the new holes you burned in your gray matter, while colorful whisps of mutant vehicles roaming the dusty sky flash before your eyes… and just wait for this natural, totally normal, everyday torture to end. It will end. THEN GO BACK TO MOTHER FUCKING BED. YOU ARE TIRED.

If you’re addicted to living life fo the Gram:

I have a special hatred for the posts I see about peoples burn. Do us all a favor. Curate, be discerning. Don’t filter, don’t do the same shit that every other influencer asshole is doing. Do not use burning man as a way to grow your beauty blog. SHOW ME ART. SHOW ME NATURES GLORY. SHOW ME STRUGGLE AND TRIUMPH. No one cares about your selfie. No one cares about your outfit UNLESS ITS FUNNY OR PERVERTED and then I care. Pictures of your butt next to an art car…? LAME.

Hashtags: FUCK YOUR FUCKING HASHTAGS. Who are these losers I always wonder sitting on a bean bag watching re runs of the Kardashians that are looking up hashtags. Get a fucking life everyone. I AM SO OVER how people use burning man as some high school way to validate their social insecurities. Do us all a favor and CAPTURE THE MAGIC OF THE BURN NOT YOUR FUCKING FACE BLOCKING A DOPE ART CAR. UGH. Please please please, I am so so so over it. I literally have to turn off FB and INSTA after i come back because all my friends are so gross with the way they commodify the burn. BORING. GET over yourselves, learn a craft. and come back next year using all that saved up time you would have spent preening your burning man social media image and give back.

Listen, I get it you want to share. So share your MOST SPECIAL PHOTOS, explain why it was special and don’t use Shanti Shanti language. THINK before you caption. Impress me. I bet you won’t. But try.

Also to all you humans who have built businesses for the burn. That’s great, good for you. But please try to be less overt with the ways you rape and pillage Chris Columbus style playa. I see you. Donate money from your profits, give back more please.

 UH OH! You had a love partner you left at home when you went to the burn... What In Anne’s Green Gables will you tell them?

 Well, this is the trickiest task of all. Here’s the good news; the person you left at home is STILL seething with jealousy and anxiety about the 7 days they spent drinking Franzia, furiously trying to read your DM’s by guessing your dog’s name and your birthday in every possible combination; finally giving up or succeeding (if you’re an idiot)….so does it really matter when you finally resurface and make contact? NOPE.

 Trust me, once you turn on your Pandora’s box of doom (Ghostbusters monster trap) you will be getting an escalating series of messages that will not help your massive come-downs. For instance: “if you loved me you would have found a place to check in with me, I don’t care if you’re at the  BURNING MAN.”

 Do you want to deal with this now? No. You can barely breathe or walk, and your voice sounds like it is on the other end of a 1800-Pound-Me hotline. Not a good look.

 Are they terrified you fell in love with a Brazilian supermodel, with legs longer than the horizon and oceanic eyes that stare right into your soul? YOU BETCHA. Or worse that you fell back in love with yourself and now no longer need them.

 Does this matter to you? SURE. BUT NOTHING, I MEAN NOTHING, WILL HELP IF YOU IMMEDIATELY TRY TO EXPLAIN TO THEM WHAT HAPPENED with medium 3g service that’s constantly dropping, with the giggles of your new best friends wafting softly in the background.

 You need to sit still. You need to respect them enough to call them when you’re ready to actually try to explain what the fuck went down without them.

 You need a plan. You need to figure out what you want to say. How you’re going to show up in the world now, especially with the people who were NOT part of your Herculean transformation.


 Be somewhere quiet. Sleep a bit. Take a throat lozenge.

 If you accidentally cheated on your love while at the burn:

 Figure out if you’re going to tell the truth about what just went down or lie.


 Sometimes at the burn you can slip and your genitals somehow land directly inside the genitals of another person. If by any chance, your (insert genital type here) mistakenly got sucked into the penis fly trap of another human so beautiful you were sure it was a mirage, that is ok.

 You are not a terrible person. You are a monkey with a lizard brain whose primary goal is to procreate.

 HOWEVER, you need to think through what you’re going to do. If you choose not to deal with the repercussions of this, you need to think back through the haze of fun and excrement that was the burn and try to remember all the different ways/photos/stories that could expose you. I would not recommend this. BUT it’s gonna happen so if this is you, be smart, and try to hurt as few people as possible.

 IF YOU TELL THE TRUTH - (obviously this is the best way) you need to figure out how to do it without destroying the other person. Usually, when you tell the truth, things turn out OK. Maybe it will end the relationship, or maybe it will help you two deal with some of the iceberg of problems that were living beneath the cool waters of your filtered Insta posts. GOOD LUCK! May the force be with you!

 IF you fell in love with yourself, and you now feel like you’ve shed your cicada shell and want to fly into the windshields of all the people you loved before and ruin their day in some pathetic attempt to show the Gods of Burning Man that you’re a Belieber, I get it.

 But here’s some advice: allow your partner (or ANYONE really) to rise to the new level you believe yourself to be. Do not automatically assume that they will NEVER understand what just happened. Be patient. Don’t roll your eyes when they don’t understand some of your new lingo, mutant vehicle, playa, darktard, moop, black rock city, sparkle pony, the list goes on an on...

 Take them on a storytelling adventure with you. Be inclusive, be kind (and rewind). If you go into this believing that you’re better somehow now than anyone who's never done it, you have missed the ENTIRE POINT OF BURNING MAN.

 The point of burning man is to wake people up. To show them that the prisons that have been erected around them from religious shame, familial pressure, and capitalism’s voracious need to make us all feel like shit unless we have this or that can be broken out of. Teach people how to take off their shackles and walk towards the light.

 RADICAL INCLUSION is not a joke. Bring the lessons you learned BACK to the default world. Immediately shunning people who are not in on the joke means you get an F on your burning man final exam. Larry would be disappointed in you.


If you’ve gone to burn with your love partner and experienced deeply troubling versions of them, and now are in a weird place together, just take a deep breath. You will both have discovered strength and resilience in your partner you never knew possible. But you will also see people at their breaking points, totally naked, and that can be a turn-off for people. Well, grow the fuck up. You’re not perfect, and we are all trying to overcome the failing of our parents and the failing of their parents and up and up we climb on the cosmic human family tree until we get back to Adam and Eve and since they were the ORIGINAL SINNERS that fucked us all in the tuchus with no KY.... you have nothing to be mad at your grumpy former love interest about.

We’re all just faking it until we make....something. Anything that feels like a real adult life. Finding someone you can smush your genitals into and not cry after is a WIN. People are impossible. Don’t just throw someone away because you are afraid of true intimacy. Read Brene Brown and Esther Perel. They will help you.

 On the flip side - if you’ve gone to burn with your partner and fallen so deeply in love you feel like nuggets of gold come out of their tuchus now instead feces, let me be clear. This will not last. The highs of burning man are the highest you may EVER get in your life. The freedom, the excitement, the constant imbibing of seritonin-flooding drugs....at some point you’ll be back staring at the skid-marks in their underpants when you’re doing the wash, wondering…do you love them enough to wash their visible shit along with your work clothes…..and you’ll be like, fuck that, fuck them, fuck this…. I WANT TO BE SINGLE AGAIN and find random dudes in a bar and play semen roulette all night.

The name of the game here is managing expectations. Burning man is going to change you, it’s going to change everything. DO NOT EXPECT PEOPLE TO BE AS FUN AS THEY WERE AT THE BURN. This goes for friends, family, for YOU, this goes for when you’re at someone’s basic ass wedding, judging their cheap Pintrest rip-off decor and mediocre speeches thinking God couldn’t they have at least given out fun giant hats with a small dildo sticking out of them so I CAN BE ENTERTAINED.

You are not a Roman emperor who now gets to demand that the whole world cater to your brain’s new and improved capacity for fun and perversion. Life is going to be FUCKING BORING sometimes, and that’s ok.

BALANCE BABY BALANCE. Here’s the trick. I have spent the last 8 years trying to make my whole life burning man. To be fair, I’ve always been a burner. Ever since I saw Priscilla Queen of the Desert when I was 8 and fell in love with those cocks in frocks on a rock I dreamed of dancing in the desert in full drag.

I have curated my life to be surrounded by charismatic hooligans who specialize in depravity...but if you want, this could be your life too. There's a very simple ways to bring the principles of burning back with you.

I LOOK PEOPLE IN THE EYES AND WAVE TO THEM when I am walking around my neighborhood. If someone has a problem and I can help, I stop what I'm doing and help them.

I give people random funny gifts for NO REASON (most of them look like I stole them from a New Jersey Bachelorette, but a gift is a gift) just to make them smile. I add perversion and whimsy and mischief wherever I can.

I dress like i’m going to Tutu Tuesday to go to the grocery store. IF YOU ARE IN NEW YORK: NYC is literally burning man. You can have the same exact fun in New York without having to poop in a loo that looks like a literal shit bomb has been detonated.

YOU ARE BURNING MAN. It’s not just on playa, it's in the way you show up to the world, how generous you are with your love and talents and how you handle stress and confrontation. You now have the tools you need to go back and make your family dinners more fun, how to add some spice into your holiday work party and meet people everywhere and actually connect Snork snorkels.

You can now learn all kinds of useful things like welding, and glass blowing, and sewing. You can keep Tinkerbell alive, you just have to clap.

BE PREPARED TO HATE DECOMPRESSION PARTIES: they can be some of the WORST parties in the actual world. I don’t know why. But they just suck. I KNOW i’m going to get hate mail for this. But fuck it, set expectations, it’s NOT NOT NOT going to be anywhere CLOSE to burning man and it feels weird and like everyone is at a middle school dance trying to fit in. Go, but have NO EXPECTATIONS.

Ok, one of the most important things you can do. GIVE BACK. Spread the world, raise money, donate money, stay involved in the burning man world. THIS IS A REALLY FRAGILE ecosystem and it needs ALL it’s warriors to protect Larry’s vision of the future. Help Keep BURNING MAN ALIVE so everyone can experience what you did.

We leave you with 5 of the principles of Burning Man that I actually use every day for you to carry out and spread like a Michael Crichton fictional virus throughout the land.

1. Radical Inclusion: Burning Man is open to everyone and no prerequisites exist for participation in the community. EVERYONE'S THE SAME. We are all one. This is universal and always true. We are all suffering, we all share the same fate as one. Narcissism and exclusivity is boring and counterproductive.

2. Gifting: Burning Man is devoted to acts of gift giving, and the value of a gift is unconditional. It does not warrant a return or an exchange. Reciprocity is something special to earn; never to expect. Give, give, give. Give your money, your time and your heart to any and all that ask and do it NOT for yourself, do it for the joy that is sharing your resources with your fellow human.

3. Decommodification: The Burning Man community creates social environments that are unmediated by commercial sponsorships, transactions or advertising. It resists the substitution of consumption for participatory experience. This is self explanatory.

We live in a world of TOTAL COMMODIFICATION. It’s gross, it leads to pain and suffering of all living creatures and the world that we all must protect to survive.

4. Radical Self-reliance: Burning Man encourages individuals to discover, exercise and rely on his or her inner resources to contribute to the experiences of others as well as their own. THIS IS EVERYTHING. Take care of yourself. Your momma ain’t here no more (well mine is). Get it together, you are an adult. You do not need anyone. Resource yourself so you can turn around and help those who cannot.

5. Radical Self-expression: Each person offers their own unique gifts. No one other than the individual or a collaborating group can determine its platform, message or voice. Respect people, and their rights and liberties, for expression is a gift from someone to someone else. Silence, passive aggressiveness and lying only erodes promise and purpose. OOH BOY AIN’T THAT THE TRUTH. We live in a deeply inauthentic world that validates consumption and transparent fleeting beauty. EVERYONE GETS TO WEAR, FUCK, AND DO WHAT THEY WANT. Be real, burn bright, remove the filters and you too can live in burning man all year long.

 That’s it for me, I’m heading home.

Find me at 2:15 and G at the camp I built Club Toilet.

 Find my mother every morning selling coffee Her name is Kathy and she would love to meet you. ❤️

 Here’s how to connect with Dr. Palma if you have more questions about your after burn health:

 Insta: https://www.instagram.com/zandrapalma_md/?hl=en

 Website: http://zandrapalma.com

 Connect with Zoe cuz, Duh..

 Insta: drznightingale

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Zoe and Zandras FIRST BURN

Zoe and Zandras FIRST BURN