Hello dear listener,

Here I am asking for your help.

I’ve done this podcast for the last five years simply because it is the thing that brings me my truest joy.

I want it to always be a free dose of whimsy and joy to anyone who needs a brief reminder that if you stop for a moment to listen, this world is full of love and laughter.

I don’t do the podcast to pay my rent, I do it because I believe it’s important to share collected human knowledge on how to survive the game of life.

But running the podcast comes with real, hard and not trivial costs.

Ultimately, I would love for some giant corporate fat cats who fly in Leer jets and only drink fancy Japanese whiskey with a single cube that has been overnighted from an antarctic glacier to be the ones who help me pay for the costs of the show.

Unfortunately, since I primarily interview the world’s weirdest humans who like to talk about dragon shaped butt plugs and that one time they accidentally blew up their house brewing PCP, this dream may never come to pass.

So if this podcast brings you the same amount of joy it brings me, and you have crafted a financially stable lifestyle, this is a humble request to help me continue to produce these little story telling moments of light.

If you can’t, I still you and am honored you listen.

Even if I have to start sleeping with men who look like Bernie Madoff to fund this podcast, I will do it. But it sure would be easier if the people who love it donated instead.