AVN CONVENTION: You Can't Jew a Jew


Brian Pumper and His Little Love Muscle

How do I even begin. I saw this teeny tiny black man dripping in diamond jewelry leading a giant black woman dressed in white lace lingerie (who had a foopah so large that it could have doubled as a waterbed) ON A WHITE LEASH. It was so wonderful that I ran through the casino to ask him for an interview. Let me be clear, Brian or "B" Pumper is eloquent, educated, and hilarious, and has an AMAZING list of Porn Titles under his belt. Some of my favorite are:

1. Weapons of Ass Destruction 
2., Black Poles cumin up white holes
3. 1 in the pink 2 in the Stink, (which is wonderful change up of the usual saying)
4. Butts Tits Feet Mouth Dick Pussy 2, 
5.Can a Brotha Get a Squirt 1,
6. Bootylicious 44: Slaves For The Black Man, 
7. Black Thai Affair
8. Black on White Crime 4
9. Black in My Saddle Again
10.Beverly Hills 9021-ho 3
11. Racial Profiling 2 
12.Big Black Sticks In Little White Slits
13. Where the Fuck's the G Spot?

The poetry, the word play the metaphor the use of hundreds of years of racial inequality the puns, and he thought he could actually get me to pay 20 dollars to own one of them! He also !

Anyway I talked to him for hours, but I had been drinking heavily and somehow screwed up the recording so I only have some of it but ladies and gentleman, I present to you B PUMPER!!!!

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 10.55.47 AM.png
Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 10.55.36 AM.png