AVN CONVENTION: Moby Dick is the Only Dick Jesse Jane Hasn't Seen


I learned so much from Miss Jesse Jane, 33 year old Queen of Porn mother of a 14 year old boy. (Imagine the PTA meetings!! The soccer games!!) First lesson, you can be a serious professional and not even know what LinkedIn is!! Second, how to give the perfect blow job. Third, not everyone paid attention is English Lit Class like I did. Surprisingly,  my Melville reference was completely lost on this blonde bombshell. Jesse has appeared in several mainstream films and TV shows including Entourage, and starred in more than 75 adult including the most expensive Porn to have ever been made. "Pirates".(A spoof on Pirates of the Carribean!)

She has an incredible array of sex toys, lubes, Fleshlights and real dolls, basically she is a super Baller with a net worth of 8 million and a Ken Doll looking 26 year old boyfriend all earned with carefully placed blow jobs.

She has an important lesson, love yourself and your body no matter what color or shape it comes in, lucky for her however, her's comes in the shape of sex on a stick. She's literally like a pedofiles wet dream. Introducing, the one, the only Jesse Jane.

Jesse with Singa!!!

Jesse with Singa!!!

Her 26 year old boyfriend!! (She's a 33 year old mother!!) BALLER

Her 26 year old boyfriend!! (She's a 33 year old mother!!) BALLER