AVN CONVENTION: Hookers For Jesus


When I saw the Hookers for Jesus booth I immediately thought it was going to be some sort of obnoxious conversion freaks however these were incredibly eloquent wonderful women who turned difficulties in their life into an opportunity to help others. Yes there is an undercurrent of religion to their work, but they are helping women who have been sex trafficked or fallen through the cracks of the sex industry get a second chance at life.

Through cocaine addiction, domestic violence, and cancer Annie has made it out of a devastating life as a prostitute and turned her life around now helping her fellow sex workers find a way out of a vicious cycle of drugs, death and disease. She worked under the name "Falon" for 16 years until she eventually overdosed on cocaine after being diagnosed with Lymphoma.

After I talked to her two coworkers, women who had been married for 30 years to porn addicts who came to work for Hookers For Jesus after their painful divorces. They talked a lot about the devastatingly effects porn has had on their lives and what it's like now as a 50 plus woman trying to compete with the virtual world. I found them absolutely riveting, The best part was their booth was smack dab in the middle of the AVN convention, so they were trying to get these girls who were there promoting their porns to give up their life and come to God. It's like being a rehab clinic handing out pamphlets in the middle of a WMC rave.

www.hookersforjesus.net (who the hell has www.hookersforjesus.com?!!)