NYC: If You Ever Want to Know How Famous I think I Am Just Ask Me


Introducing Justin Ross Lee the "Super Charged Super Jew" who refuses to fly anything other than first class or private, runs a company called "Pretentious Pocket Square," which sells super d paisley silk pocket squares with names like,"the Bateman" "the Madoff." A guy who calls himself the "Jewish Robinhood" because he deigns to leave first class and pour the "putz's" in coach glasses of Moet.

If you combined things like:

Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Global warming, bottle Service, private Planes, South Beach, corporate greed, trust fund babies, herpes, russian prostitutes, Bravo TV, cocaine conversations, new money, all the Real Housewives, guys who don't wear socks, investment bankers, Republicans, Hermes belts, Dolce Gabbana anything, and put them into a blender and then added a dash of semen, a gallon a jet fuel, and a sprinkle of Vagisil and you would create the Molotov cocktail that is Justin Ross Lee.

His ringtone is Ass n Titties by DJ Assault, claims he doesn't like Asian Women because he doesn't do the "MSG" and is dripping in so much false testosterone and confidence that you feel like you have to take a shower the moment you lock eyes with him. It took him all of 5 minutes to show me a picture of his Tower of Piza leaning dick which has got to be a record for me. And even though he loves girls who are "shiksalicious," meaning fake tits, big vacant eyes, and super blonde hair with a crucifix hanging in their cleavage, our entire conversation was spent with him trying to figure out whether he wanted to fuck me, or kill me maybe both at the same time who knows.

This was a challenging interview for me because while he represents pretty much everything I hate on the planet I ended up really enjoying our conversation and liking him. To a fault I commend anyone who has the chutzpah to do something different in a funny way, and let me tell you this mother fucker is hilarious. He's memorized a million sound bites and spits out his little mantras like a tennis ball machine hooked up to a nuclear powered generator right at your head. 

Yet, we got along swimmingly...which is disturbing onto itself

But let me be clear, Justin is whip smart, and has found way to literally fake it until he made it.. So with no further ado, I present to you J.R.L vs Z.N - 35 minutes of head to head battle...who wins? I'll let you decide.

(the answer is EVERYONE LOSES)

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 5.05.03 PM.png

Here are some great tweets from him:

Hopping a Gulfstream GIV down to Boca to thaw out my matzo balls. #FuckTheWeather#TheJewishAmericanDream

Subaru needs to re-market itself as the official vehicle of slow driving lesbians with too many pets. (this is very funny)

The novelty of a gorgeous model wears off the moment you fuck her and realize she’s no better than anyone else.

I think I'm in an abusive relationship with LA. Every time I beat the shit out of her she always comes back.

I make a flight attendant come with one finger.

Can’t control the weather, but I can change it. #Gulfstream #G4 #JewJetting#PretentiousPocket #PocketSquare #PrivateJewJetting #FuckFirstClass

I am an artist. I paint with Al Gore's tears. #PrivateJewJetting #Gulfstream #PrivateJet#Aviation #Cockpit #LouisVuitton #OliverPeoples #PretentiousPocket #PocketSquare ..

Those are some hairy matzah balls....

Scroll through these fabulous picture of our Jewish Robinhood in action! 

this is him supposedly getting head in the cabin...hope it's kosher in there.

this is him supposedly getting head in the cabin...hope it's kosher in there.