NYC: The Tin Man Found his Heart, An update with Justin Ross Lee


Justin Ross Lee has graced us with his pretentious prick once more!

This time this big fat dick has a voluntary muzzle on it because the Great Tin Man himself, this heartless charicature of modern jewishness has gone to Oz and found a heart in the ample bosom of one Kate Nardi queen of the Shiksas.

It's actually really cute. I know everyone hates him, but the truth is he's merely a moderately clever person whose turned minimal talent into maximum profits and exposure. As a rule I never hate the player, I merely hate the world we live in in where these kinds of bullshit antics begat attention and money.

He talks to us about what has happened since his time on Millionaire Matchmaker, his impending law suits, and of course his favorite topic his penis.