GOVERNORS ISLAND: Say Circle Heart Prayer Times Square Five Times Fast


My Ancestor was Columbus Circle...

Oh man. Where to begin with these two. I was minding my own business when I saw two middle aged dead head lookin guys holding each other and shaking a feathered stick, chanting and just generally looking like new aged Portlandia extras.

You know what I hate the most?! People who sit around and wax on eternally about "changing the world" instead of just doing it. Hiding behind meta concepts instead of focusing on small changes you can make in your own life. I kept asking them for concrete ways to achieve this "world peace" they were after and they kept telling me about their "intention" and how sitting on a island in NYC on a gorgeous day at an art festival is going to clean up all the oceans.

The one on the right had an Wutang looking symbol shaved in the back of his head, and had weird hobbit feet with really long toe nails. They had created a GIANT circle out of blanets that when people would walk over would scream at them to walk clock wise and chant their intentions it was marvelous.

I made him cry within 10 minutes. Crazy tears streaming out of blood roasted eyes.