NYC: What Do Caitlin Jenner and Hare Krishna Have in Common?

Aren’t We All A Hop Skip and a Jump away from Putting Pills UP our Ass?

Introducing Sundanataidas! (Magic Spelling) Head of some section of the Hare Krishnas, I spent an afternoon with him trying to understand why I should buy an orange pashmina, give myself one of those top knot Los Angeles hair cuts and start dancing around like a spastic Capuchin monkey trying to attract a female.

He actually was really wonderful. I assumed immidiately that he had a life like a boon dock saint, and had fled to Krishna for salvation and I WAS RIGHT.

Either way, he was so bloody happy. Dancing around doing version of the electric slide with his buddies all dressed in orange Fanta colored clothes, it's really just so much fun. Anyway I learned a lot, mostly that Karmically, I'm in big big trouble, and I need to do some serious critical thinking about what I want my soul's destiny to be.

This episode was edited and recorded by Barry Jive, my wonderful accomplice in recording crime.