NYC STREETS: She's Gonna Find Your Clit Like a Heat Seeking Missile

You Shouldn’t Feel Like an Asshole, Because You Put a Finger In An Asshole

Greetings and Salutations my friends and enemies. I will begin inserting ads into my show, which will allow me, due to small a tiny amount of revenue, to do this show full time without becoming a freegan who dumpster dives at whole foods, uses a moon cup and takes up ulkelele as a hobby. So hurray for creative freedom, boo for selling out but girls gotta brunch, ya know? So I spent a sun soaked day in Washington Sq Park with my trusty beat up toe up from the flo up free sex advice sign, adjacent to a baby grand piano that sits and waits for wayward musicians to stroke it's keys, and waited for the world to open it's oyster shell. Three wonderful humans discussing a sundry of life's most topical issues, mostly centered around anal sex, as always.