HASTINGS STREET: She was Real Nice to me Until all my Drugs and Alcohol was Gone


I don't know what it is about crack allies that i love so much. Doesn't bode well for my future or speak well of my past. 

More and more I am just eternally grateful for my life. It's been a really challenging year for me personally and I lost someone I love very much. Through it all, there is so much to be thankful for. My mothers smile, my dogs wet nose, moments of pure joy and deep laughter, so this holiday thanksgiving weird time where we give thanks and remember history that was blood soaked and rape infested I hope we can all take a second put down our god damn iphones and think how lucky we are to be able for just one day to live in this amazing earth.

So I basically draped my microphones around my shoulders and walked around and waited for the fates to weave me a beautiful complex tapestry.

I must tell you that there is a dignity and honesty to the homeless that I am addicted to. I love talking to them. There's no bullshit, there's no pretense, no instagram filters, they have nothing to hide and nothing prove.

During the holidays, I always find people who care to be depressed and stressed out. Running around buying scarves for family members they see once a year and have no ability to connect to anymore in a substantive way. So on today, the day before Christmas, I want to give thanks. Serious deep hardcore pray to a golden calf bloodletting thanks, to my mother.

For being the most beautiful, patient, loving, thoughtful and brilliant woman I could ever imagine. How it happened that I came out of the cosmos and had the absolute luck to be transported through her magical body into this world is beyond me.

Secondly to my father, whose brilliant comedic mind is a thing of real beauty. I always tell people I come from a long line of punsters and jokesters, I can almost feel your wordsmithery running through my veins.