ART BASEL: Sonny Digital Is NOT Going Down on a Tuesday


So I set up a live art exhibit outside of Scope art show at Art Basel this year. I am so sick of people pretending they care about art. It's just hilarious. They take photos, of themselves, in front of what is supposed to be "art" most of which looks like a car crash that costs 79,000. But who am i to judge anyway? So! I set up my own art. By setting up two chairs I stole from a drag queen bar on Ocean dr and then taking my travel megaphone (best invention ever!) And started challenging people coming out of the exhibit to sit down with me and participate in the real life art of spontaneous human interaction. PUT DOWN YOUR IPHONE. STOP INSTAGRAMMING YOURSELF. Let's talk about love and life and sex and death and drugs and failure and success. People were very confused. I got two warnings from police and a trespassing citation! So baller.

I digress. So out comes like a 8 person entourage and I randomly started challenging their virility and masculinity and I finally get one of them to sit down and talk to me about his life. His name? Sonny Digital. Occupation? Bad ass 23 year old producer who just got nominated for the epic ballad "it's going up on a Tuesday. Now I had heard this song and kind of thought is was a parody joke, but it turns out people love it!

So everyone, Sonny Digital is awesome, we had a lovely time exploring why he won't "ate ass" and harrassing passing old white mlfs who were grilling him so hard I had to take out my megaphone and try to get their number.