KINK.COM SAN FRAN: What Kind of Sub do you eat in a Dungeon?

What Kind of Sub do you Eat in a Dungeon?

goodness gracious great balls of fire. I knew it would be a good idea to call and secretly record my mother learning that I was about to go to the armory building home of such enterprises as boundgangbang, everything butt, public disgrace, sex and submission the list goes on and on, generally totally vicious, ferocious, feral, wild fetish world where there are literally no limits.

I had met the vivacious and totally terrifying Princess Donna with my sister back at the AVN (adult video awards) in vegas last year. She is gorgeous, well educated, eloquent and a sex positive, lioness who wears her sexuality like a badge of honor. She invited me to check out behind the scenes of her directed shoot "Public Disgrace," where one woman was literally swarmed like termites on soft wet pine by a cross section of rando san fran riff raff who is able to touch, and interact with said model. It's absolutely overwhelming.

I literally had to leave as soon as i was done with my interviews and they started filming.

After I went, I called my mom again to share my experiences with her.

i hope it makes you laugh as much as it made my sister.