MOM: You Are the Best Mistake I EVER Made


Countdown is ON! One more day until I begin to describe myself as "in my early 30's" and start saying things like, " that was a such a great soul cycle class." I wanted to post this episode because as I'm getting older, my girlfriends become more and more vicious about their critical opinions about their bodies and by proxy mine. IT SUCKS. Just because I LOVE carbs,  and would rather drink a glass of wine and play charades than spend an hour of my precious time looking like a menopausal hamster sweating on a spinning wheel, whose stuck in time, going actually nowhere at the gym. I HATE THE GYM. Who are these freaks who like being in these places? I always feel like i'm in Gattaca, when I'm on the treadmill (RARE) and everyone is a bunch of mindless robots. Anyway so this last year was BRUTAL. It's possible I gained some weight..give or take 30 pounds. But to be fair my look before could have been described as methtastic. I was really thin,  and apparently accordingly to most of my girlfriends, that was the better look for me. Anyway this made me laugh, so on this, the day that my mother went to the hospital and I was born with 30 minutes, I send my love to all of you...I am in a barn in the middle of nowhere with the people I love and I AM SO GRATEFUL.  

Thank you Kathy Jane for your constant love, devotion, sacrifice and wisdom. Without you I would be literally NOTHING.  I LOVE YOU