DIAMOND DISTRICT NYC: Jew Vs. Jew - Trying To Resell My Friends Engagement Ring


Whoooo boy! This was a DOOZY. There is no myth worse for me than the engagement ring. Maybe it's because i'm of that age where people actually start to buy them.  Did anyone else take the same history lessons as I did? 

I know i'm sounding like a crazy cat lady but seriously they're beautiful, fine, they are valuable i guess, but i don't like the mentality that traps us all into this boring cycle of commitment,  monogamy, cheating because we are monkeys who constantly need to put out genitals on stuff, and then divorce. 

Anyway my girlfriend and I after Ashley Madison disaster went to go see what was going on in a place where A BILLION DOLLARS A DAY IS BEING EXCHANGED IN EVERY BUILDING. 

* any relationship mentioned here and is purely make believe.

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