BURNING MAN: I'm Afraid To Take A Poo Here


Bonus episode! 
Just a really silly bonus episode I wasn't going to air, but I had to take a sledgehammer to my first burning man episode I had created and start from scratch due to a combination of my total incompetence and a tired mac book air that gave out on me last night. Anyone wanna donate a computer to the you're welcome team? Fuck. My best friend Ben who came to burning man with me and my family explaining his lowest point. Excuse my cackle laughter, he makes me laugh so much and we had been at the burn for four days and I had been screaming for days and days while inhaling gallons of toxic prehistoric battery acid dust that had destroyed my previous vocal cords. (he's the one in the silly hat) 

He does bring up a good point however. Where does all this shame come from?