NYC: Customer Service Call with Oriental Trading About My NSFW Birthday Buttons


Why is it such a bad thing to want to fuck mothers?
How is it possible that I still live in a world where I can't call my friends (who I assure you ARE) motherfuckers, on festive party buttons and stickers? How am I supposed to plan bachelor parties and baby showers for my male friends if my freedom of speech is shat upon by this amish minded company?

How am I still having conversations like this? We live in a world where a video of too girls pooing into a cup was a cultural revolution. When the deviled egg are the hilarious Christian conservative super prudes going to admit defeat. The battle of good vs evil is over. The devil won. Turn on the news, just watch the Rebublican presidential debates for proof. Let me print my buttons in peace. Sheesh.

Editors note. My father thought this was a boring uninspired episode. He may be right. Bear with me. I am getting through all my new material slowly!

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