WASH DC: Rock Star Lines = Snorting A Full Graham In One Line

I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they’ve always worked for me

Drug addiction has affected my life since I was a wee lass and ever since I can remember I have always been a glowing lamp post attracting a cornucopia of moth like addicts who represent the full spectrum of human sadness. It's rare that I post serious interviews like this, and I have done tons in the past, because to me, they simply aren't funny. However I am posting this now because I hope to show people like him that their lives are worth fighting for even if the path they have taken is full of crazy straw twists and turns. I met him on Christmas day and I instantly found his quiet honesty immensely likable and he also was one of the best first time Charade players I have ever seen. This is a very small segment of what was a very long interview, but I'm pretty sure he was jacked out of his mind and he kept bobbing and weaving like cassius clay around his life details and it was hard to keep a flow going so this is the beginning of what I hope will be many interviews that i'll do in the future because he has just had the most wonderfully rich life.

You never really know who listens to your podcast, but I want to say if anyone out there is dealing with life's capriciousness with copious amounts of substances or has someone in their life they feel is in trouble and needs a friend (someone to talk to, off the record of course) i'm here send them my way.