A Short Story....

I was alone day 5 at the burn, walking around looking for trouble and as always, trouble found me. In the form of a wonderfully tweaktastic pro burner who was actively trying to vacuum up playa dust into a vintage Hoover I'm pretty sure Mr. Belvadere owned. It looked simply kooky. It's always these kind of small moments of improv comedy, that bring me back to that insane asylum every year despite my better judgement.

His bag would get full every other minute, he would then empty it into a large garbage can and kept plugging away at the worlds most useless task.

Looking at him I literally thought perhaps he had been cursed by the Greek Gods, and had been sent to clean the unclean able forever. #Purgatory Anyhow he was a swell firecracker full of stories and laughter and I loved him. Don't forget kids, it's almost my favorite weekend of the year. Zoe's rules for Halloween:

1. Always take candy from strangers
2. Say Yes.
3. Sleep is for quitters.
4. Safety Last

Music: Phantogram: You Don't Get Me High Anymore