PHONE CALL WITH MOM: My Mother Lies About Her Sex Toys

After All What Is A Lie? ‘Tis the Truth In Masquerade.
— Lord Byron

Jeepers Creepers Kathy Jane is gonna hop aboard the angry train after this one. Sorry mom. For the millionth time. My B. All systems point to this is your fault somehow. So this is a quick mini episode to tide you over under my 2nd iteration of my live show this time on March 11th from 8/10 pm EST. It will be broadcast live from the Marcy Hotel North which is a legendary underground Brooklyn party ware house that houses the whole Wolf and Lamb (Crew Love) posse. I had some of my very best youth filled nights of debauchery and chaos in their squash court lined walls.

This very special episode will focus on what happens when the party is over...How do you rebuild your life from the ground up after trauma, sickness or incarceration? First up Michael Alig - the original party monster, creator of "club kids" when Limelight wasn't a shopping mall. He has just been released from jail after 17 years in max security prison for brutally killing and dismembering his friend and roommate, Angel.

Second - Zev Eisenberg, creator of Wolf and Lamb, underground Brooklyn Party superstar, international DJ and producer who has used food and lifestyle changes to survive cancer.

I am so nervous. Wish me luck. I just had a beautiful Brittish girl rub my whole body in coconut oil and align my chakras to combat my nerves. Life is GOOD.

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I LOVE YOU MOM!!!! You're my best friend. Embarrassed face emoticon.

Music: Would I Lie To You - Annie Lennox
Your MY best friend - Queen
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