JAPAN: The Panda Express Train to Extinction

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated
— Gandhi

Japan has left me full of wonder from the past and equally obsessively concerned with the present and future. I feel like i'm trapped inside a Baraka video. Everywhere I go streams and droves of ant like humans, half of them covered in scary medical face masks stream over and around me like i'm a stick in the way of their march through the forrest, the sea of faces parts and I feel like i'm somehow stationary in this human/technological charybdis where a zillion crazy asian sounds and mega giant screens fill my head with subliminal advertisements and then my throat gets itchy and all I can think is wouldn't it be nice to have a cold icy Coca Cola and then go to shopping.

It's this bizarre molotov cocktail  of having a people who are so delightfully homogenous to the point where NO ONE locks their bikes and there's NO trash cans because people take care of their own trash and strangers stop instantly to help you any time you look remotely lost or confused, a people who routinely wear Hannibal Lecter type face masks for weeks if they are sick to reduce the risk to their fellow countrymen...I fell asleep on the train with my laptop/cellphone/wallet literally next to me in plain view and what happened? NOTHING! Because even their mafia the Yakuza, pays taxes and has an honor system. Then add to this crock pot a tablespoon school girl fetish,  a dollop pokemon porn with a cup of Hentai/Manga and a dash of rape fantasies and top it all off with an anglo saxon feature worship that's so omnipresent that I never see asian faces advertising anything and there are thousands of photo booths that help girls do instant airbrushing on their face so they can have rounder more western eyes, lighter skin and smaller noses. 

This is also a culture who is so addicted to their virtual lives that barely anyone is reproducing and the population of Japan in the next 20 years will be reduced by 2o percent due to the lowest birthright in the solar system because let's face it, who want to go through the struggle of   trying to insert your genitals into another actual breathing human when you can sit at home and jerk off to a perfect anime creature who will love you for you? I get it. 

However, it's been exceptionally difficult to get any answers because very few people speak english and even if they do, it's almost impossible to get substantive answers about basically anything. It's all politeness, all surface, lots of bowing and kindness...which makes for extra medium story telling. 

However the good news is I've become friends with some beautiful dark African men with brilliant smiles have set up shop and are doing all kinds of brilliant entrepreneurial work here AND as always, red cheeked women from all over the world who work in the sex industry. Either way, i'll keep trying.

I begin with my first episode from here, recorded after we had hiked up a mountain in Kyoto where was this hidden monkey park, but google had lied to us, and we ran into a lovely Chinese couple that was similarly following technology into no where and I as we walked down the mountain I talked to him a little bit about his life. My findings? Devastating.

Again I know that I shouldn't place one animal above the other, that all animals have little tiny noses and feelings and personalities and as I've basically stopped eating meat entirely I shouldn't get on a soap box for one and not all but this story made me particularly want to kill myself and wipe out the rest of humanity so nature could take a billion years to recover herself and perhaps create a more thoughtful, and kind sentient being to live harmoniously with her glory.