UNION SQUARE NYC: A Reckless Life Matters

Darkness Cannot Drive Out Darkness; Only Light Can Do That. Hate Cannot Drive Out Hate; Only Love Can Do That

I met a hilarious, gregarious young African American mother of 2 little gorgeous babies named Reckless, whose main goal in life was to not die because she was black and be able to raise her children without fear.

Growing up the color of printer paper in Washington DC, a city that was 95 percent black I have always been acutely aware the differences that my skin afforded me most obviously being my total lack of fear surrounding the Police. I have always, without question, talked back to cops. I've been arrested for "assaulting" a police officer...twice.

I recently went to go see a play about the life of Dick Gregory a Brilliant comic who paved the way for Richard Pryor and was instrumental player in the Civil Rights movement. This play reduced me to a puddle of ashes and tears for it made you turn around and stare at the Sodom and Gomorrah like world that was the African American experience in America.

His bravery was limitless. He would go from one red neck racist comedy club in the south to the next, where the Klu Klux Klan would routinely pay him visits, spreading his brilliant comedy like wildfire throughout the country eventually knocking down the pillars that separated Black artists from being able to be shown on television and seen as artist who demanded the white worlds respect.

The amount of hate that is swirling around the world right now is filling my lungs with cement and crushing the butterflies that usually live in my tummy. The hate grows and grows, the body count exponentially increases, while two jack asses hammer it out for president who will probably do nothing to change the gun laws that are allowing people to be mowed down like an overgrown lawns.

What are we going to do to actually change this dying planet. I don't have answers. I'm searching desperately. If you have some, please, message me.


Edited by Emily Brodtman (I LOVE YOU)
Music: Get Money: Biggie
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