LIVE SHOW: Love is Pain


Bonus track from my live show last week that is so earnest it almost makes my eyes bleed. My friend Anthony is an expert in love and matters of the heart, and had consoled me many times in my life where it had become impossible to pry my heart broken body off my shag rug when my bones had liquefied into bisquick batter and I became a puddle of human on the floor. I still have moments where water streams down my face about as violently fire hydrants my puerto rican neighbors jack up to create makeshift water fountains.

I have spent my life chasing giggles and avoiding pain. I leave it I hide from it, I douse it in alcohol or try to smoke different plants to make it fuzzy. But there comes a point where this hide and seek you're playing with life's obstacles leaves you an empty robot shell you barely recognize and you have to strip it all back and look in the mirror and face it.

It is a process. I have not mastered it yet.

Check out Anthony's Love Card game he created. It's so dope. Guaranteed to help you and your partner fall deeper in love or for newly dating couples to get to know each other WAY better.

Music: In the Name of Love Thompson Twins