NYC: The Wonderful Wizard of Techno

Wait a Minute I thought I was at a techno Party not eating at Rainforest Cafe?

I met an amazing man, (if memory serves me correctly) in 2008. I was a two dimensional professional partier who spent my youth traveling the world and chasing the wonderful white rabbit that is the world of electronic music scene. The literal only good thing that came out of this amorphous murky period of my life was some amazing friends and memories. Today I bring you the one and only Damien Lazarus a pillar of the underground music scene. Truly one of the most original, charismatic way finders i've ever met.

Once again please excuse the sound quality in this episode. I had just come back from a three day upstate party interviewing a "play" community (swingers) and I was sleepy from trying not to slip and fall into a fuck pile of humans and end up pregnant with the antichrist. I gotta tell you, these play people may be onto something. They are so freaking happy. Either way I was beyond sleepy.

So I stuck the microphone under him and then lay back and drank rose..which obviously does not make for my best work and afterwards I had to muck with the levels so you could even hear me so suffice it to say, I am the least pro journalist of all actual time. ANYWAY

I've been trying to interview this man for literally years because he is a beacon of light and truth in this dark scary world full of posers. I love him because he has found a way to live deep in the underbelly of the underground techno music scene for years, but yet has a really healthy second life, on a Tuscan Farm with his beautiful wife and brand new baby daughter. It gives me hope that the rest of us degenerate heathens can find our way to the promised land.

So I'm sure this isn't the normal stuff you would imagine the wizard of techno to be talking about but honestly he is at his core a big fucking soft teddy bear who has KILLED LIFE. He's partied harder probably than anyone you know, and he hasn't aged a day since i've met him. I can't wait to meet his beautiful new daughter and frolic through his wine vineyard and meet shonky and wonky he's new donkey's.

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He's new album with the Ancient Moons is so fucking cool and weird and trip.

Music: Stevie Wonder Isn't She Lovely
Damian Lazarus and the Ancient Moons - Tangled Web