NYC: Surely You Cannot Charge Ketamine to Your Amex


Happy Birthday To ME

Cocaine and Ketamine. At first its a warm blanket that covers your insecurities and warms your empty soul with the confidence you've craved you're entire life but somehow never found.... Then slowly, it eats away at your flesh like white hot maggots destroying everything you've ever known and held dear to your heart. NYC is drenched with drugs. Truly there is no where to run and hide, even at the fanciest parties you can hear the faint sniff of a endless array of models and artists drowning their brains in fresh powder. The things i've seen people use to shovel misc. white powder into their nostrils you cannot imagine. People can be so inventive! Necklace charms, rings, straws, little metal (this is pro) shovels/spoons, keys of every shape, ripped up folded pieces of paper, backs of hands, thumb nails, pen caps...the list goes on and on....If only we as a collective group of 1 percent of rich educated humans could dedicate the same amount of time we spent buying and huffing drugs to quell our restless souls we could literally solve all the worlds problems. I'm about to have another birthday, and I realized with absolute horror that this will mark 10 years of me slaying dance floors around the world... it's a wonder i still have two nostrils. Shit i think this is it, one last hurrah to say goodbye to my youth with my degenerate friends. It was a good long road while it lasted. Time to make babies and move to Connecticut. HA. FUCK MY LIFE