BURNING MAN: Dantes Infurno - The Wonderful World of Dragon Dildos

If You Liked it Then You Should Have Put a Leash On It

So begins another series of burning man episodes. We will tie up loose ends from last years burn as my mother continues her quest down the rabbit hole to find love. We finally spend some time with my big sis Rosalind and watch as she takes off her teacher and parent disguise and leaves it all on the dance floor, We meet new friends and catch up with old foes and continue to answer the question, why in gods green earth would seemingly intelligent people save up money all year, spend months planning every detail.. just so they can spend 7 days in a barren desert wasteland devoid of all the comforts of home?

I have been waiting for this moment for years. I finally sat down with the wonderful people from the Fur community and got to learn all about their wonderful intricate and complex world that is like a Russian doll when you start to peel back the fur.

Dant's Inferno is a camp for Furries (which was one of 5 Fur camps) built by two super MacGyvers from Vancouver that featured a giant chandelier in the center of the room lit up by 10 fantasy dildos representing every kind of dragon, unicorn, and tentacle dick a furry heart could desire. (Dragon dicks have SCALES!)

I really loved these guys. What was the most shocking was that I always assumed that Furries would be extra fugly. I WAS WRONG. These guys were all adorable, lovely cute gay guys that just so happen to like to dress up like big fluffy outfits and jerk off to Dragon butthole...shockingly (NOT) they are mostly from the Bay Area and work in tech and at super successful startups. Life is so great #progress. At least they are inclusive, kind, and compassionate and have a community that's about "radical inclusion" all year round and not just once a week.

I only have one main problem with burning man over the years. The fact that more and more camps think it's ok to act like 13 year old mean girls and create an aura of exclusivity and a holier than thou attitude which is the antithesis of the core spirit of Burning Man. I get it. You're hotter, richer, cooler and spent way more of your custom gear than some of the hippie dippie furry armpitted spirit hooded burners, but you don't need to put all these barriers around yourselves to keep them out.

As this will most definitely be my last year for a while, I want to thank the burning man god's for protecting my family and I for another year and allowing us to really fall in love with the people we are, not the people we were.