BUSHWICK: Milana Vayntrub, Marvel Superhero, Silicon Vally Star and DROP DEAD SEXY Humanitarian

Not In MY Back Yard.

I met the marvelous Milana Vayntrub at dawn outside a secret pirate ship party Bushwick in 2009. This day changed my life because this was the day I met her boyfriend at the time Brandon Eaves who looked exactly like a brunette Johnny Bravo, This man would then become my best friend and roommate and inspire me to move to NYC shortly afterwards. So it's safe to say I've always had a big warm spot in my heart for this lil' lady. Since that day I have watched her blossom into a wunderkind trifecta of talents including but not limited to, actress, director, stand up comedian, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. You've probably seen her cherub face a million times but not known it as she's on literally every At$T commercial as a sweet helpful phone salesman or on cult favorite Silicon Vally. As a Russian immigrant herself, when she saw the devastating effects of the Refugee crisis while on vacation in Greece, instead of turning off the television and going to sleep like the rest of us, she flew to Lesbos to help.

Can we talk about the expression "Netflix and Chill!?" Why is this something to aspire to??! Get off your tuchus you collective American lazy lima beans. Power down your computers. Jerk off two times less a week. Post less photos. Do something with your time, money and and privilege. No excuses. Her website gives you simple ways that you can help.

twitter: mintmilana