BURNING MAN: All Day I Dream of Picking Off Robot Heart Skanks With a Bebe Gun - Lee Burridge Friday at Robot Heart


It's Friday Morning, the sun is out and last nights super cool fur outfit is starting to feel like a prison cell. Your nose has stopped working, your brain is totally depleted of serotonin, your friends have vanished, your camel back is empty and the model you were chasing half the night has either disappeared or was merely a oasis illusion the whole time...you can't figure out where the hell your bike is and since your camp is miles away..you give up and settle in to the fact that this is where you will die. The good news is you will have the dulcet sounds of the wonderful Lee Burridge to cross the river stix with.

So sit back and enjoy an interview with one of my favorite DJ's, king of burning man, master of the Robot Heart Sunrise*

*May I just add, the the quality and timber of my voice was just horrendous that morning. I apologize for how sober i was not.. not my finest interview skills for sure.

What’s funny is this interview got me in TONS of trouble with the Robot Heart community. BUT FUCK IT. It’s true. It’s all true.