BURNING MAN: A Burning Man

Never Regret Thy Fall, O Icarus of the Fearless Flight For the Greatest Tragedy of Them All Is Never to Feel the Burning Light

It's day 8 of the Burn. I have lost everything and everyone on purpose for I decided last minute to let my grumpy, drained, bedraggled, rag tag team of core friends drive off without me, so I could watch for the Temple burn for first time in 7 years. So I sent them home(with their faces that looked like a cats asshole) with all my Lisa frank colored belongings (beside a minions covered toothbrush, a small bottle of coconut oil and my microphones)and ventured out alone into the desert to see what else the universe could throw at my sleepy face.

It turns out, it had a lot more in store for me. I ended meeting an entire new crew of best friends, Canadian Iranians, some of the most physically gorgeous people I've ever met and danced with them for hours in a metal army container built for troops in Afghanistan hide from the scorching heat. I let go a ton of tightly held sadness that was sticking to my heart like a koala bear in a hurricane. But it was hard. Obviously, my new best friends who promised to take me back to Reno disappeared, and I was sent on a epic mission back and forth across playa to find them, since everyone I knew had vanished. During this epic quest I sought shelter in one of the last remaining shade structures I could find. Remember this is end of day Monday, so somewhere between 5 and H I found two men napping in the last shred of shade they had. So in true Nightingale fashion I woke them up by accident by trying to quietly snuggle into their slips of darkness because I was started to look like roasted suckling pig. They were so lovely, so generous, and such good story tellers and the rest, was magic. Life is a really funny thing. Its hard not to believe in fate when everything that happens is so whack a doodle.