BURNING MAN: In Dust I trust


It's day 7 and I have gone to the Burning Man Lost and Found in search of my phone which I lost day 1 (duh)and I have gone to find it. This was my very first time there and I must tell you it was one of the most pleasant and organized experiences I have ever had in my actual life anywhere. I had the very best time asking people WHAT they had lost and WHERE

..somebody lost a JET PACK. I am not joking. It was just hilarious. So I was waiting in line for literally forever and was still coming down off a massive night of mushrooms and pirate ships and dance floor battles and didn't notice when a dog the bounty hunter lookin dude covered in tats with a bleach blonde hair had a tiny tea cup long haired black and brown Chihauhua sticking out of his murse.

Now, this would normally not bring about such an intense reaction from me, but I have NEVER seen anything living from nature there except for one misfortunate insident with a rouge bird and one single bumble bee all which caused great confusion and wonderment for ever from me. How did they get there? Did this bumble bee fly across the entire desert? Is he so thirsty? Anyway, I digress but the burning man lost and found is the worlds saddest and most joyous place. There was a pile of keys the size of Everest for a million RV's, bikes, chastity belts, Segways shaped like dragons...you have never seen people happier than when they find their RV keys. When you lose your keys at burning man you feel like your entire life comes to a halt and you'll waste out there alone eventually turning into stoney chunks like Ozymandias a warning to future festival goers to keep their shit togeher. Either way, thank you burning man for another INCREDIBLE YEAR. In dust I trust.

Music: On and On: Halcyon
Orbital: Halcyon
Edited by: Emily Brodtman emilybrodtman.com