MARYLAND RENN FAIR: Wizards and Dragons and Trump Supporters, Oh My!!


I feel like Ahab lost in a sea of hatred looking for a great white whale to give my life meaning again. I literally don't know what to do or say anymore. The hate is so deep, the ideology is so wrong. The "fake news" so pervasive that I literally don't trust anything I hear. I left this country to get away from this and the moment I'm back I literally trip and land on the laps of two actual real life trump voting, white sheet draped (casper the friendly ghost they were NOT) grand wizard loving totally likable racist men who shared the same problems as us all. Marriage problems, concerns about their children future, struggling to find their place in this world. (THE NAZII KKK dragon drenched ZZ Top looking GUY HIT ON ME! Apparently his dick wasn't an antisemite. I assume he would have had to covered my jewy face with a swastika covered pillow?)

Due to copious drinking of beer in horns, I of course fucked up the sound AGAIN, I am the least pro journalist of all actual time. One day I'm going to have like a team of well dressed men with boom mikes and fancy monitors...but until then, it's just me and my medium audio skills so deepest apologies, I had to cut a lot of it due to sheer sloppy sound quality.

These two were gems. Fathers, business owners, best friends, hard working Americans...the problem is this. They are the reason Trump got elected. Because hate is a Hydra like beast that comes in many forms. My guess in this case is that hate came from being from a generation of poor, uneducated, angry, white people who feel cheated out of their genetic "right." What they don't understand is that the golden orange cow they put into office is the actual representation of why they were poor and born broken in the first place. Capitalism, corporate rights over human rights, money over decency, greed over community. The irony is simply lost on them. We are fucked fucked fucked fucked fucked fucked fucked. I won't spoil it, but they literally contradict themselves at every turn. I couldn't believe he could say things so diametrically opposed to one another. It was like watching trump himself twirl around chasing his own hair piece. 
We are so fucked. 
That's all there is to it. 
Dudes like this are deciding our future, and honestly I liked them both. This isn't black and white, this is a prism of butt fuckery, and Trump doesn't even have the decency to use lube.

GET ANGRY EVERYONE. Get up off your ass. Do something, anything please for the love of god. That's assuming we will have a world to try to save in four years at the rate were going...honestly I'm going to camp outside Tesla's head quarters and wait for the rocket ships to mars.

Music: Good Ole Boys: Randy Newman
Mary Don't You Weep - Aretha Franklin
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