NYC Streets: Zoe Vs. Rich Republicans


VOTE THEM OUT. Vote them all out. I'm so over it. I would rather let the government be run by 2000 drunk chipmunks then most of these shiny wax figure robot politicians.

Democrats are useless, republicans are sheep, everyone thinks that talking about things on social media is what constitutes as participating in politics and no one is actually doing anything. I'm so frustrated. I put this mini episode together in a day and it's truly not my best work, no one would let me record them and the only people who would really speak to me were at a gas station off the side of main road, but whatever, just trying to do my part to get poking at people to get off their tuchus and stop accepting the bulldozing of everything that America is supposed to be about. I'm so sad. Even if we take the house, it's still such a mess. I for one learned a lot about republicans on this canvassing trip and mostly, it's that people are afraid of change, of "others" of the future, of their jobs, and for their children. Also, they REALLY don't like it when you ring their door bell 3 times. I'm running for office in 2020, get ready.

I am totally obsessed with finding a new way to communicate with people about how to effectively rise together and vote for people that are actually going to do what they are supposed to do which is protect their constituents and the country and the environment and the systems set up to do this are archaic crumbling and not effective. Everything needs to be overhauled. I'm gonna figure this out.