COSTA RICA: The Magic of Iboga #2

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— Hope K.
Love is the most transformative medicine For Love slowly transforms you Into what psychedelics only get you to glimpse.
— Ram Dass

In part two I continue to prepare for my first ceremony of Iboga root bark. I get my heart checked at the Hospital, (EKG) I check in with some of my fellow participants at the Iboga Wellness Center, and we go through orientation, and try to calm the tidal wave of nerves that have been building since I decided to try it. Cool and calm and I am not, and you can certainly hear my anxiety throughout this episode.

People take Iboga for many reasons, but for me it was so I could try to let go of some excruciating pain from my past that was rotting me from the inside out. So I used Iboga to try to break free of my past in order to move on to a happier future. Other people were there to move on from childhood trauma, drug addiction, lack of a spiritual core and were longing for a reconnection with their souls...

Wherever you are in this world I send you love and white light and hope you're having a beautiful sunny day full of cold puppy noses and warm long hugs.

Don't forget it's almost firefly time!!

Edited by Emily Brodtman