DC: Cracker Ass Crackers

I Like White People, But I Hate Cracker Ass Crackers...

HELLO! How are we everyone? I'm BACCCCCK, bigger, better, longer and after this.....uncut. (This joke will make more sense after you listen.) So one year after Richard Spencer and the genius think tank behind the White Power movement threw a super fun march that was a complete shitshow that ended in the tragic and untimely death of Heather Heyer, a beautiful young woman who was there protesting...these super brains thought, I know what we'll do... Let's throw an anniversary march of this dark terrible day, and that way we can show how "united" the White Power movement really is.....But this time, let's do it in...Drumroll please....Washington D.C.!

D.C....The Chocolate City, my hometown. A city full of beautiful people from all colors of the rainbow who do NOT take kindly to hate groups, a city so full of cops, military and special services that any move we make will be safeguarded by thousands of hard working police officers, all on the tax payer's dime!

So.....Of course, completely hung-over, I decided to hop on a train last minute and start a good ol' fashion Nazi hunt....Thing was, this march, which was supposed to unify the right and show their presence and might, only produced 20 paltry, scrawny, pasty, "Nazi's".

Despite this, approximately 1 billion of our tax dollars went into full force barricading and protecting these wonderful men, and helping them exercise their constitutional rights. Although I tried my darnedest to find one of these brave men and give them an opportunity to debate me on why they feel like white people have a right to this so called "American Dream.." I couldn't do it. I searched high and low, but not only did these nazi's not give their scheduled speeches in front of the White House but the itty bitty teeny tiny amount of them that came coward behind a tsunami of riot police so I couldn't even get close to them no matter how hard I tried...

So...What do I think after spending the day at this rally...? I think that D.C. is even cooler than I remember...That the counter movement of love and acceptance is growing stronger by the day, and that if we keep it up, there is a real chance that in the next election cycle, some real change is going to come. (Rest in Peace you glorious, wondrous super power that is, and was, Ms. Franklin.)

Are we still fucked? YEP! Is there still a seething, black-hooded and hoofed group of angry white people ("MEN") trying to protect their version of the American Dream? YOU BET YA.

So what can we do...? Get off your tuchus and VOTE. Raise money, AND give your money/time/heart/soul, and together, we shall overcome.....Or not, and our kids will be slaves to the gun toting hillbilly war lords that will beat us liberal-pansy-whining-NPR listening-losers in the upcoming Civil War: Numero Dos.

OFF TO THE BURN...See you when the dust settles.
I'll be at 9:15 and H, if you're around meet me and my mother at District, Tuesday afternoon.

Look for Singa Nightingale's mausoleum, at the temple...I will have paper and pens to leave her a love note, so you can send her a kiss to the sky before her ashes and my pain is burned up in the temple along with a million other moments of loss and love.

I miss you my everything.