ART BASEL #3: The 27 Thousand Dollar Black Metal Dick + MICHELLE LAMY!!!

Art is not a mirror to hold up to society, but a hammer with which to shape it.
— Leon Trotsky

I MET MICHELE LAMY. I worship this woman. Bad ass artist, kick ass human, wife of Rick Owens, OG style icon, I can't even. Not only did she let me hang out with her... I gifted her my trusty megaphone and she ran around the art fair yelling at people with it. DREAMS DO COME TRUE EVERYONE.

In this episode we meet a bunch of wonderful humans all trying to help me understand, as per usual, why a 12 ft black bronze dildo costs 45K.

I for one am about to take a boat to a WEENCY TEENCY island in the middle of the carribean off of Panama with a bunch of wonderful humans to bring in the new year sans technology but full of sun fun and snorkeling and dancing to disco and all the things that make my life worth living.

CAN YOU BELIEVE ITS 2019. Speechless. Years are whizzing by and yet I remain faithfully yours, bringing you the stories you didn't even know you wanted to know from all corners of the globe


Edited with love by Emily Brodtman (I LOVE YOU) www.emilybrodtman,com

music: Don't want to Short Short Man: Gilette
Can You Feel It: Micheal Jackson