ART BASEL #4: A Groaning Father

The only way out of the labyrinth of suffering is to forgive.
— John Green

For the most part, fancy parties, rich people, and expensive modern art are lame. There, I said it. Whew that felt good.

The thing that makes me bananas is that we live in a world of over educated humans who will spend hours discussing the evils of Trump, Republicans or greedy corporations who turn their backs on their fellow man, while doing it themselves every day. At least Trump is on brand, he has categorically stuck to his beliefs which are: fuck everyone, and grab mother nature's pussy without shame. But I have found recently a giant swath of bleeding heart liberals who claim to care about others, while participating in the same systems that subjugate humans and destroy the planet...All I want is for people to look up from their phones and into the eyes of people in the streets. They are people, they deserve our love and support.

I wasn’t going to ever let this episode ever see the light of day, I have tons of work where I feel like it’s not “funny” enough, it’s just another sad sack who made bad life choices and my listeners probably only want light and love and comedy in these dark days, but I really had such a hard time at Art Basel with the juxtaposition of money and art that’s trying to make a commentary on our society and change people's mindsets that’s really just a pig with a sephora level makeover that’s another high brow way to celebrate money being the golden calf idol that we all pray to. Fuck that. Just do small things in your life to give back the love that’s given to you. People are desperate for just one other person to give a fuck while fancy people in turquoise geometric glasses sip Perrier Jouet in long stemmed flutes waxing poetically about how this 27 thousand dollar bronze dick sculpture is helping change the landscape of female rights. Nothing changes anything besides random acts of kindness and selfless gifts of love. Get it together first world, the way you live your life bores me.

Edited with love and patience by Emily Armstrong
Instagram: Drznightingale
Twitter: @genuinelyfalse 

Music: Let me Be Him: Hot Chip
All is Full of Love: Bjork