BALI: The Shaktivator - The Limp Dick Terminator

Waste no more time arguing what a good man should be. Be one.
— Marcus Aurelius

I met the Shaktivator in Ubud Bali, which seems to be the Mecca for lost souls seeking spiritual guidance and radical change. I had been shown his website by one of my friends, and I instantly wanted to meet this complex creature.

Now, I like pretty much all shapes, sizes, colors, genders, niches, the weirder the better. But I have had very very bad experiences with men who follow similar mantras about how to procure pussy, so in my quest through Bali to identify what practices were bullshit and which were actually helpful to the development of your soul, I set out to meet him.

Often in life, we come to quick snap judgements, and I very wrongly walked into this interview thinking I was going to meet an entirely other person. Who I met, was Dennis AKA the Shaktivator. A man who has some very interesting ideas about how men can better connect to women and harness their own sexual energy for good. So, get ready, for the wisdom of the Shaktivator.

Edited with endless care and thoughtfulness by Emily B Armstrong
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