BALI Skylove Soleil: The Ex Coder Turned Sound Healing Master

You’re always one decision away from a totally different life.

I met Skylove Solei at a private sound healing that featured water beds with the instruments hooked up to giant bass speakers that were UNDER the water beds so the vibrations literally blew open your third eye and blasted you into outer space. Sound crazy? IT WAS. It was at the Pyramids of Chi in Bali, a sacred hippie dippie next level yoga compound where people of all walks of life (as long as they are wealthy) come to harness their root chakras. Sometimes, when I write words like this, I feel like I've been abducted by yoga aliens and they are in fact now typing for me.

He was all angles, all muscle, lean and mean and only dresses in the kind of fancy drapey white Tulumenti robes that is usually reserved for people who like to drink Kool Aid in group settings.

He seemed to glide about the room. I could never hear his footsteps. He had a heart wrenching singing voice, and could play literally every instrument I've every seen at once time. He was cool as a cucumber, and I wanted to know everything about him.

So I met him again, this time for a group sound healing where women were moaning so loudly I thought either I was going bananas or someone's pineal glad was located inside of there clitoris. Hard to know either way. So we sat, inside this pyramid, surrounded by candles and giant instruments and he showed me how to play them and how he had to come to cross my path in Bali.

I'll say this about Bali, no matter who you are, it's hard not to fall victim it's palpable spirituality, and eternal search of much so that it's easy to become obsessed with a singular pursuit of a higher consciousness. I do not come from a world that believes in any of this, but I too, have drank the Kool Aid and I'm all about, this crystal bowl life now.

But I'll say this, there is so much love in this community, and in the pursuit of their highest self, I have found the people that I would have completely written off before as looney tunes, to welcome me with open arms, listen to my skepticism and offer me their life stories simply as a testament to what can happen when you stop believing that god is out to get you and only you, and start to believe that the collective consciousness is on your side.

Also included a bonus snippet I couldn't fit into our longer conversation at the very very end...I just couldn't help myself.

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