BALI Ayahuasca #2: The Good, the Bad and the CRAZY

There is only one active ingredient in plant medicines: friendship. A plant spirit heals a patient as a favor to its friend.
— Elliot Cowan

We continue following our beautiful Heroine down the rabbit hole as the effects from here Ayahuasca journey continue to manifest in ways she never imagined. Again, I believe that people are abusing this sacred vine, and that westerners who are searching for truth are not doing the actual work it requires to fully process this ancient and transformative medicine and people all around me are having severe reactions to this lack of preparation for meeting the Devine Mother Spirit.

I am all for people responsibly using any kind of catalyst to open their mind and alter their perceptions of the narrow viewpoints we've been given as children but this is not the way for most.

Next week we will hear from a medicine man about his thousands of journeys with Ayahuasca and the restorative, transformative nature of this powerful brew.

STAY WARM. I am fucking freezing. :(

Edited with love and care by Emily Armstrong