Do you not see how necessary a world of pains and troubles is to school an intelligence and make it a soul?
— John Keats

LIVE SHOW IS APRIL 28th! On it you will find Dr. Will Siu, who I've been spending some time with learning the ins and outs of the breakthroughs that are happening in the world of mental health. You will be able to hear him, in all his glory live on my Instagram TV channel, and I will be uploading the Live Show here on Monday. Get ready, he's amazing.

Were talking big Pharma, depression, how ketamine works and how it's helping cure addiction. SO! Come find me in union Square in the Abracadabra Bus, a giant big blue burning man bus with a huge platform on top where I will be amplifying our conversation for the world to hear, hope they live it!

So this was actually a 2 hour interview, that's Ive cut down to it's bare bones to give you a taste of what kind of hard hitting investigative journalism I will be doing with him Live.

Music: Benoit and Sergio - Walk and Talk 
Edited by Emily B. Armstrong

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