DETROIT MUSIC FESTIVAL #3: I Love Eating Pussy - No Homo

If you possess enough courage to speak out what you are, you will find you are not alone.
— Richard Wright

I can't even begin to explain the whirlwind of dancing I was in when I met Simone. I casually was trying to explain and show to a bunch of women why I've always had a hard time twerking. These women thought this was hilarious. I just can't do it.

Simone was one of these women, who was covered in star tattoo's, and had this huge gorgeous smile and a boatload of banter and I thought, yep this is a woman who probably needs to step into a dark ally way with me sit on a pile of hazardous construction materials and chat with me about her life.

And chat we did! I learned a lot from Simone, and what's interesting is she helped me understand some things about how you can live with dual sets of beliefs running concurrently inside your mind without them crashing up into one another. It's something I've been thinking about a lot as the upcoming elections loom closer and I try to figure out how is it that so many people can be so warm and loving and kind and still harbor these icebergs beneath the surface that need to be thawed out. So how DO we help people melt these icicles...? Now that is the question.

See you soon Simone.

Music: You Don't Know Me: Armand Van Helden
I'm Coming Out: Diana Ross

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