OFF THE STREETS NYC: A Day In The Life Of Lucky - New York's Flyest Homeless Kid

Seven out of 10 Americans are one paycheck away from being homeless
— Pras Michael

People who live amongst NYC streets are my favorite people to interview. No filter, nothing to hide, full of stories of survival, and often incredibly funny and charming. I have been trying, for years, to find a way to use my podcast for actual good and have been searching for a platform to take the work I want to do with the homeless community, and I had found one, in the Bowery Mission.

I had created a show, that I was personally funding, that was going to try to find five NYC homeless and get them the counseling, training they need to qualify for NYC free housing. Could I actually use the tools that are available in one of the richest cities in the world to affect the life in a real way forever.

I think I've found the right partner, Bombas Socks, who are an amazing company that give one pair of super comfy socks for every pair you buy to someone in need. (One of the things I always hear people ask for besides toiletries is for new socks and shoes) They haven't given me a green light yet, but as is my way, I've decided to do it alone and hopefully the gods will smile on me and make this into an actual partnership (fingers crossed).

So this is the first person I'm starting with, Lucky. A beautiful man, who is dripping in charisma and style, and who is looking for a second chance at life. In his mid 20's with a wrist full of bracelets and a mouth full of smiles.

Tune in to see how my quest to get Lucky back on his feet goes.

Music: Noah Lampert 
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