BURNING MAN: Let the Playa Provide: BM Ticket Scammers Round 2

The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong
— Mahatma Gandhi

Hi everyone, Editor Emily here.

I’ve been the editor of this podcast for the last three years and I’ve had the pleasure of watching the You’re Welcome with Zoe Nightingale community grow into such a loving, compassionate group in that time. Zoe is currently caring for a gaggle of Burning Man virgins, so I’ve taken over to bring you all the newest Burning Man scammer.

This episode is a bit different. How does one use the Burning Man principles to cure the hurt in this world? Is the infinite power of love strong enough to help a negative outlook of the world and truly poor decisions? What if those decisions hurt your community or those you care about?

In this episode, Zoe was contacted through Facebook by somebody calling themself Aishat, who was looking to sell a ticket to Burning Man. This started as your standard scam offering fake tickets but quickly turned when the scammer admitted their lie. Not only did they steal the name and image of a transgender woman, they have quite the story to tell. It’s not often you get the chance to speak to the real person behind the scam, hear their reasoning, and actually level with them about their actions. Despite this scammer actively targeting the Burning Man community and disrespecting the identity of this woman, we wanted to help them change. To the scammer: We don’t harbor anger towards you. We don’t want to get you in trouble. Anyone can change, your past decisions don’t have to weigh down your future.

For those of you attending Burning Man, I hope you all have an amazing time. Check out the Burning Man section on Zoe's website for all her tips, tricks, and must-read guide to Burning Man!



Music by: Noah Lampert - Wicked Games (remix)

Edited by: Emily Armstrong