NYC: Smoking Toad, Grapefruit Head and Oxycotin - OH MY

Sweet are the uses of adversity which, like the toad, ugly and venomous, wears yet a precious jewel in his head
— William Shakespeare

So, I never do this. I don't usually go on other peoples podcasts, but when my new podcast advisor tells me to do something I do it. So he connected me to Sean and Cass from the Very Ape Podcast, two psychonauts who are also on the Mind Pod network I am in, I scheduled a meeting with them the very next day.

This podcast, was a huge departure for me in many ways, not just because I have never done a joint interview in this way, but predominantly because I talked about many, many personal things that I usually keep in a tiny pandoras box inside my tummy. The next morning I experienced a "vulnerability hangover" so intense that I just wanted to crawl into a ball and expire.

So...I have nothing but intense love for these two. Sean and Cass are documentary film makers (all of their films are available for free HERE where they tackle such topics as Oxycotin, addiction, fandom, Americana, Jugaloo's thrupples (a working relationship involving three loving equally loving partners) Trump, cam girls, all the good stuff. So I arrived to their gorgeous Green point apt super late on a Monday night after 12 hours of incredibly confusing work, and a brain that literally had been reduced to Bisquick batter and we sat in their living room surrounded by candles and talked for literally hours. I didn't know anything about them and to say that our worlds line up and our values are in complete balance is a wicked understatement. More to come from our new friendship thrupple.

Maybe, just maybe, they can teach me how to not ruin scissoring. Fingers crossed!

Music: Noah Lampert: Wicked Games (remix)
check out his podcast HERE. He rocks.

Live Makosa Mungongo Bwiti

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