Episode 4: Is My Vagina Tighter?

I met a overweight, forever 21 drenched 20 year old on the street she was so innocent and adorable that when she told me she was waiting for her boyfriend I couldn't wait to meet him. When her 60 year old sewer rat looking boyfriend arrived, I was floored.  Looking back, I was a bit harsh on these two. But in my defense he was super creepy and looked alot like splinter. 

Episode 1: The Thunder From Down Under

So it begins. My very first interview with an incredible Australian Woman that I met in Washington Sq Park. She had left her husband and child to embark on a two week adventure in New York City. She was about 5 feet tale, round and jolly with an incredible smile. Peeling back her layers revealed one of the kinkiest fettishes I've ever had the pleasure to hear. Enjoy!