I've just started getting behind a camera to bring the illustrious characters I meet on my travels to life. First up, a man whose main problem is he has "too much cum....."

This man is my HERO. PWI GENIUS

I love these care bear costumes so much, whenever you're feeling blue just put these bad boys on and your troubles melt away..

Beauty comes in ALL shapes and sizes. These girls were simply delightful. I wanna get lost in dem titties.

I always thought I was an incredible fellator, sp? However after spending a week in Vegas with Jesse Jane at the Adult Video Awards, I was reminded that you can NEVER stop learning. 

PHONEY BALONEY. However, this was the launch of my improv made up cable access television magazine, "Pink Slit" TV. I spent the whole day trying to munch the boxes of all the art floozies that were floating around on their Iphones taking selfies and booking their tinder dates. 

Why on earth did I schlep through an actual blizzard to the god forsaken Javitz Center in the middle of the black hole that is mid town, to talk to people selling bulk luxury children's clothes....THIS IS WHY

Did you know that they redid the Brooklyn Navy Yard? IT"S FUCKING AWESOME. Vollyball, grills, Gotham City views, it's epic. Plus a Hodge Podge of the worlds most interesting people are smushed together using communal space. What's amazing about having microphones is that people (even though the sound didn't get amplified) thought they were auditioning for amatuer night at the Apollo Theatre. Too bad I left my crook at home... Anyway I made friends with a group of 20 VERY large African American Lezzers who all tried to woo me by offering me dinners to Red Lobster (I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP) It was the very best day. 

MORE fun at the Brooklyn Navy Yard with a meth addict (i think) named Coco, from Brownsville, which according to my new lesbians friends is not a place I want to go If I wanted my tuchus not to be penetrated. 

A wonderful day meeting new friends and seeing what happens when you give strangers a microphone that doesn't even make things louder!

This one time I spent the weekend with Evan Stone at the Vegas Porn Awards....

Must be so hard being a Gay Russian